Three quotes on the links between assessment and learning

‘Assessment is the ‘tail that wags the dog’…’

Dysthe, O. (2008) The challenges of assessment in a new learning culture. In Havnes, A. and McDowell, L. (eds).  Balancing dilemmas in assessment and learning in contemporary education. Routledge/Taylor and Francis. pp15-28.

‘Assessment does not stand outside teaching and learning but stands in dynamic interaction with it.’

Gipps, C.V. (1994) Beyond testing: towards a theory of educational assessment. London, Falmer. pg15.

‘..the interaction between assessment and learning was likened to a three legged race, in which neither partner can make progress without the others’ contribution.’

Harding, R. and Raikes, N. (2002) ICT in assessment and learning: the evolving role of an external examinations board. Maths CAA Series (

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