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I thought I’d quoted this one before but it seems not. I can remember reading this for the first time, perhaps 5 years ago, and being amazed that it was written as long ago as 1995. The whole chapter feels very modern – or perhaps we are just slow to learn.

Students can, with difficulty, escape from the effects of poor teaching, they cannot (by definition if they want to graduate) escape the effects of poor assessment.

Boud, D (1995) Assessment and learning: contradictory or complementary? In P. Knight (ed) Assessment for learning in higher education. Kogan Page in association with SEDA. pg 35.

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  1. Heather Gibson says:

    Hi Sally

    Just found your blog, what an interesting read. I also find Boud to be very interesting particularly a presentation he gave way back in 2000 odds when he talked about feedback and assessment being a dialogue between tutor and student. That’s always stuck with me and I’d like to have done more of that in my OU marking… However, i’ve just been appointed to S104 so perhaps I might get some opportunities to be more creative in how I use the feedback… 🙂 (I used to teach on S154)

  2. Sally Jordan says:

    Hi Heather and lovely to hear from you. Assessment as dialogue sounds pretty good to me, especially in the OU context where it is the one interaction we know we will have with our students!

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