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“While using computers to score essays may have seemed like science fiction when first conceived (Page 1966) such application may seem remarkably mundane when compared to contemporary capabilities of computers to win game shows , respond amicably to our vocal commands and drive cars. That dismissive view fades, of course, when we recall that writing is among the most complex of human behaviors, both vehicle and subject of thought and culture.”

Elliot, N. & Williamson, D.M. (2013) Assessing Writing special issue: Assessing writing with automated scoring systems. Assessing Writing 18, 1-6.

Page, E. B. (1966). The imminence of grading essays by computer. Phi Delta Kappan, 48, 238–243.

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  1. Heather Gibson says:

    Hi Sally

    Just found your blog, what an interesting read. I also find Boud to be very interesting particularly a presentation he gave way back in 2000 odds when he talked about feedback and assessment being a dialogue between tutor and student. That’s always stuck with me and I’d like to have done more of that in my OU marking… However, i’ve just been appointed to S104 so perhaps I might get some opportunities to be more creative in how I use the feedback… 🙂 (I used to teach on S154)

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