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Apologies for my lack of activity on this site in the past couple of months; paradoxically this is because I have been so busy with assessment work. So expect various thoughts in the next couple of months, as I write up our evaluation of formative thresholded assessment and complete the covering paper for my PhD by publication “E-assessment for learning? Exploring the potential of computer-marked assessment and computer-generated feedback, from short-answer questions to assessment analytics”.

For now, just another warning about the need to interpret things carefully. It relates to the figure in my previous post. It would be easy to look at this figure and assume that most students attempt formative questions twice; this is not true, as the figure below shows. Most students attempt most questions once, but a few people attempt them many times (resulting a mean number of attempts that is about twice the number of users for each question). You’ll also note that, for the particular example shown on the right-hand side below, a higher than average number of students attempted the question four times – I’ll explain the reason for this in a future post.

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