A call for a holistic student assessment experience

Oh dear! It has been too long since I posted to this blog and now I only have about 30 mins in which to try to catch up. I’ve very quickly updated my biography etc and tried to remove some of the dead links. I have lots of more important things I want to say so, over the next few weeks, look out for

  1. A general review of the 2017 Assessment in Higher Education Conference (which has just taken place and which was fantastic!)
  2. A specific reflection on one of the keynotes – is technology enhanced assessment a sheep in wolf’s clothing or a wolf in sheep’s clothing…
  3. More about my presentation at the conference, in which I explored the boundaries and tensions between assessment and learning analytics.

For now though, I’d just like to remind you of the link between Assessment in Higher Education and the Transforming Assessment webinar series…and to advertise the fact that there is a webinar which presents three papers from the conference this coming Wednesday, 5th July, at 7am GMT (8am BST). Click here for more information.

And what better way to advertise an upcoming webinar than to report on a wonderful previous webinar, presented by Mark Kerrigan from Anglia Ruskin University (also building on work done at the University of Greenwich) about “Map My Programme” which has sought to encourage staff and students to think holistically about assessment across a programme, recognizing that even when submission dates are staggered, assessment tasks from different modules can create confusing overlaps. All too frequently we think about assessment at the subject level without stopping to think about the non-subject-specific transferrable and employability skills. Where are we assessing those? Anyway, rather than relying on my brief report, why not watch the recording of the webinar for yourself. Click here.

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