Good posters at ALT-C

I was bowled over by two posters at ALT-C: Matt Haigh’s ‘Changing the way we see test-items in a computer-based environment: screen design and question difficulty’ (session 096)and Silvester Draaijer’s ‘Design of a question design support tool’ (session 148).

Both Matt and Silvester have done things that others ought to have done years ago – but haven’t. Matt has looked at the way in which the appearance of a test items (e.g. does it include a picture) alters its apparent difficulty. Silvester has designed a tool to help academics write better e-assessment questions.

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  1. Silvester says:

    Dear Sally,

    We had a nice chat at my poster and your presentation was also very good. I certainly will have a look at the iCMA system of the Open University.

    Maybe we will meet later.

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