Thank you Google translate

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m English, and aside of a pitifully small amount of French, I am ashamed to admit that  I don’t speak any other languages. Therefore I think Google translate is wonderful, especially since it enables me to read the excellent blogs of Sander Schenk and Silvester Draaijer, both of them very thoughtful blogs in the same area as mine – but both in Dutch. I commend them to you. I have added them to my ‘links’ (below right).

Unfortunately the OpenCETL (COLMSCT and piCETL) websites are not yet restored to their full glory, which means that many of the other links currently lead to the same place –  and lots of information formerly on the COLMSCT and piCETL sites is missing. If it doesn’t reappear soon I will remove these links and start posting the most interesting findings from my COLMSCT and piCETL teaching fellowships here.

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  1. Silvester Draaijer says:

    Dear Sally,

    I know Sander of the Rotterdam University of Professional Education (of course), but was not aware of his nice blog. Via your blog I’m rerouted to his blog. Thanks a lot.

    As I’m able to read Dutch, Google Translate is not necessary for me to read and follow his him.



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