Final agenda for Show and TEL 2016

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This openTEL event will take place on two days:

  • 20th October 2016, Ambient Lab, Jennie Lee Building 14.00-17.00

Live streaming here.

  • 21st October 2016, Meeting Room 1, Jennie Lee Building 09.30-15.30

Live streaming here (afternoon session only).

DAY 1: 20th October 2016 – Ambient Lab

14.00 Welcome and aims of the day Eileen Scanlon
14.10 Impact and public engagement Rick Holliman
14.20 Lightning presentations

  • Hacking my health; hacking our health, Andrew Brasher
  • Understanding tutorial visits, Chris Douce
  • Augmented Reality For Human Biology – SK299, Paul Hogan
  • The Blockchain and Kudos: a mechanism for educational record, reputation and reward, Mike Sharples
  • ‘Done is better than perfect.’ Rethinking quality: Project Minerva, Lucy Gray
  • MAZI: DIY networking for location-based collective awareness, Mark Gaved
15.30 Break and networking
15.45 Lightning presentations

  • Innovative Professional Development – For Policing and beyond, Anne Adams
  • Using Open edX in developing a mental health module: Lessons from the coal face, Mathijs Lucassen
  • Teaching computational data analysis, Michel Wermelinger
  • The ABC Learning Gains Project: Understanding Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive Gains at the OU and elsewhere, Simon Cross
  • An Adaptive Trust-based e-assessment System For Learning (TeSLA), Aida Azadegan
16.50 Summary
17.00 Close


DAY 2: 21st October 2016 – Meeting Room 1

09.30 Welcome and aims of the day Doug Clow
09.45 Student Presentations

  • Learning wellness through self-assessment, Ralph Mercer
  • Using technology-enabled learning networks to achieve practical improvement outcomes: a pilot project to explore impact of student-made videos on student engagement in the IET MAODE programme, Lesley Boyd
  • Accessibility and MOOCs: The current state and next steps, Francisco Iniesto
10.15 Break and networking
10.45 Funding workshop Maria Aristeidou
13.00 Lunch and networking
13.45 Professional and Digital Learning Programme Allison Littlejohn
15.15 Next steps Eileen Scanlon
15.30 Close