nQuire site impact

The nQuire site, developed by Mike Sharples, Thea Heridotou and the Learning and Teaching Tech team over the last two years has been making a big splash with some high profile “missions” in collaboration with the BBC and other institutions and partners.

Over the last few months we have racked up some impressive participation numbers which all improve the quality of the research behind the experiments:

  • What’s Your Chronotype?: which is about what time of day you are at your best
  • The Forest 404 Experiment: related to the BBC podcast series of the same name, the experiment is gathering data to explore how the sounds of nature affect wellbeing.
  • The Feel Good Test: this looks at how being creative in your spare time might improve your wellbeing, with the survey providing you personalised feedback based on the answers you give

Kevin McLeod

Read the OU press release by  about the next big project Springwatch which goes live on the 27th May