openAIED SIG December

openTEL is pleased to announce that December’s openAIED Special Interest Group will be a presentation by Garron Hillaire Ph.D., Researcher, Teaching Systems Lab, MIT, USA at 14:00 on Tuesday 10th December in Meeting Room 1, Jennie Lee Building.

Pedagogy of Approximation, Soft Skills & AI for Teacher Education

Dr. Garron Hillaire


In this presentation we will report on the progress for a 2-year NSF funded project, INSPIRE CS-AI, where we build upon an existing mobile web application for digital simulations, Teacher Moments. In this app, novice teachers are immersed in vignettes of classroom life presented in text, animation, and video. Participants provide improvised text and audio responses to scenarios involving students, parents or other school personnel. We are, with teacher educators, co-designing enhancements to the system using AI by automating analysis of the participant audio data for emotional and sociolinguistic cues that can help us measure whether novice teachers are practicing effective self-regulation and social- regulation strategies that may lower the level of tension within the interaction. We propose to combine these “regulation sensors” with intelligent, personalized interventions that support novice teachers through scaffolded reflection and feedback, while supporting teacher educators with data for coaching. Please bring a laptop or cell phone as we would like to start the presentation off with playing one of the scenarios in Teacher Moments.


Garron Hillaire completed his B.A in Mathematics (philosophy option) from the University of Washington and an Ed. M. in Technology Innovation and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After contributing to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) research at, he enrolled at the Open University in the UK as a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Technology. His thesis focuses on emotional design and measurement. He is currently at MIT Teaching Systems Lab where he is exploring how AI and emotional measurement can help teachers to reflect on their teaching practice


We look forward to seeing you at 14:00 on Tuesday 10th December in Meeting Room 1, Jennie Lee Building.