OpenTEL SIG July – Workshop – Ethics in AIED. Who Cares?

openTEL is pleased to announce that next week’s openAIED Special Interest Group will be a workshop on the ethics of AIED, which has been presented at the 2018 and 2019 International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society Conference and will be at EC-TEL 2019 in September.

Workshop – Ethics in AIED. Who Cares?

Abstract: The reality is that, although there are encouraging signs, most AIED research, development and deployment continues to take place in what is essentially a moral vacuum. In short, still today, little research has been undertaken, no guidelines have been provided, no policies have been developed, and no regulations have been enacted to address the specific ethical issues raised by the application of AI in educational contexts. This workshop is an opportunity for researchers who are exploring AIED ethical issues to share their insights, to identify key ethical issues, to map out how to address the multiple challenges, and to inform best practice. The overarching aim will be to help establish a basis for meaningful ethical reflection necessary for innovation in AIED.