openTEL Short Seminar Series – Completed Projects May 2018

On Tuesday 8th May, openTEL kicked off the first of their Completed Projects Short Seminar Series with Wayne Holmes, Rebecca Ferguson and Jude Fransmann presenting their findings and good practices established through some of their recently completed projects.

Commissioned by the Advanced Innovation Centre for future Education at Beijing Normal University as part of their Future Schools 2030 project, Wayne talked us through, What are common patterns of learning activities? How do student engagement, pass rates and satisfaction vary across different design patterns? What patterns of activities ought learning designers to consider prioritising? The project identified six clusters of common patterns of learning activities, based on analysis undertaken by Quan Nguyen.

Rebecca Ferguson outlined the 2017 Innovating Pedagogy report available here  What innovating pedagogy topics have been covered in the past? Rebecca outlined flipped classrooms, threshold concepts, computational thinking, spaced learning, epistemic education and intergroup empathy.

Our final speaker Jude Fransmann talked us through rethinking research partnerships in the international development sector #ev4dev. Through this work Jude highlighted five lenses to analysis evidence and participation in research partnerships: identities, institutions, practices, artefacts and accounts.

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