Virtual Reality and Learning at the OU

Virtual Reality and Learning at the OU

David Vince, Lawrence Kizilkaya and Jamie Daniels, Learning Innovation Team

openTEL is pleased to announced that next week’s openAIED Special Interest Group will be an opportunity to explore Virtual Reality and Learning at the OU.

Augmenting technologies with Virtual Reality

David, Lawrence and Jamie have been exploring how a virtual reality interface might be combined with other interfaces and technologies as part of ongoing discovery work to understand the affordances of VR in education. This has led to the development of a toolkit to support the design of educational VR. They will be sharing an example of how Watson’s AI has been incorporated into a VR application to demonstrate how the design principles could be applied in practice.

Virtual Reality at the OU

VR tech will be available for attendees to play with in the ‘VRoom’ adjacent to the Ambient Lab. A great opportunity to try out the demo VR programs, such as flying around the planet in Google Earth, exploring mountain tops and, of course, shooting zombies!

We look forward to seeing you at 10.00 on Tuesday 18th December in the Ambient Lab, Jennie Lee.