Psychology and Counselling at the OU

A psychology qualification with the OU will enable you to gain an understanding of ideas, theories and methods in psychology, learn how to analyse and evaluate psychological concepts, and develop skills in assessing and using different kinds of evidence. Questions that psychologists consider are both diverse and intriguing, many straddling disciplines such as biology, criminology, education, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy and sociology.

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You can also study counselling, either as part of your psychology study or combined with courses from other providers to become a professional counsellor. The knowledge and skills you develop as an OU psychology and counselling student or graduate can be applied to such diverse fields as education, industry, the health professions, management, advertising and marketing, human resources, research, counselling, and social services.

At the OU we have national and international experts specialising in areas such as cognition, criminology and forensic psychology, developmental studies, discourse analysis, neuropsychology and psychosocial studies. Four of our degrees are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and can lead you to become a Chartered Psychologist. You can also become a Chartered Psychologist by studying our new MSc in Psychology (Conversion). This masters programme is a conversion route for graduates who have a degree in a subject other than psychology or who have a psychology degree that is not accredited by the BPS. 

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