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Our student talent pool

OU students have a great enthusiasm which is demonstrated through their drive and knowledge of the company, they do stand out. OU students have made more sacrifices in life, holding down a job alongside study. OU students have a real drive to succeed.

Shannon Ellis, Talent Acquisition, Allstate, Belfast

Open University students are highly sought after and valued by employers. The Open University has a diverse and unique student population who can demonstrate an abundance of experience and skills.  OU study is challenging and demanding, and students develop a variety of valuable skills and qualities that are relevant to the workplace.

Hiring an OU student is investing in a pre-graduate, whose commitment to distance learning demonstrates qualities in self-motivation, resilience and time-management skills balancing and study.  

During 2020, The Open University Careers amd Employability Service completed an annual survey with 57 employers who recruit our students and recent graduates which span a wide range of sectors, 100% of employers surveyed would recommend working with the OU.

Hire an Intern

We can support our students to make that step into a fulfilling career by offering internships, to allow them to put their learning into practice and to gain first hand industry experience.

We are keen to offer our students and graduates a broad range of internship opportunities, both work-based and virtual and full-time or part-time.  This means that you can be flexible with your commitments and find an intern to fit your requirements.

The benefits of hiring an intern

The OU have been an integral part of adding value to the company. Taking external knowledge from the intern and applying it to our business, while offering an insight to how our company operates has been of mutual benefit.

Steve Risk, CEO, Inspire Loyalty Ltd, Northern ireland
  • Free up your staff to work on other projects or high-level tasks
  • Hire an intern to complete a short project
  • Inject a new perspective and fresh ideas into your organisation
  • Find future employees by raising your profile and invest in OU talent

A number of Open University students have completed internships with SME and charitable organisation across Northern Ireland including:

The Open University in Northern Ireland has facilitated a number of employability related events including employer site visits and networking events with employers including The Northern Ireland Civil Service, EY, PWC and The Law Society of Northern Ireland.

Job advertisements

We firmly believe in the capability and employability of our students. As such, we have set up a free service for Northern Irish employers to advertise job opportunities to Open University students through our Careers and Employability Service.

Our vacancy advertising system has a fantastic range of benefits to support your student and graduate engagement and recruitment work.  You can:

  • Easily promote opportunities to OU students and graduates
  • Obtain more insightful data on interest in the jobs you're advertising with us
  • Create a branded 'Employer Profile' with interactive content
  • Use improved, targeted channels to promote content, opportunities and events to students and graduates

Many OU students are at different stages in their careers, this means that you can advertise opportunities at all levels.  For instance;

As an employer one of the reasons we opted for the virtual intership was we felt the project was slightly more unusual, so it was good to have a wider pool of people applying to the internship...overall, it was a really strong experience and we got a good result.

Carol Fitzsimmons, CEO, Young Enterprise Northern Ireland
  • entry level roles
  • graduate roles
  • graduate schemes
  • experienced hires
  • placements
  • internships
  • volunteering
  • part-time and temporary roles

Introducing OU Virtual Internships

Virtual internships are a new approach to providing flexible part or full-time work experience opportunities.  A virtual internship is a work placement that in undertaken remotely, where the intern could be based at home.  You'll have access to a wider talent pool as not restricted to local catchment.

Funding options for SMEs through Santander Universities

In partnership with Santander Universities, we run an internship programme which supports small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage students on short term placements.  This flexible scheme is a great way to attract and retain the very best talent.