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Dr Caroline Derry

Dr Caroline Derry

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Professional biography

Caroline Derry joined the Open University in April 2017. She is a senior lecturer in law, teaching subjects including criminal and evidence law. Her other roles include Law School EDI Champion.

Caroline qualified as a barrister, practising in criminal defence law, and as a solicitor in a large, central London legal aid practice. She then taught for fifteen years at London Metropolitan University, where she was a senior lecturer in criminal and evidence law and gender & law, and course leader for the LLB Law. She has been a visiting lecturer in criminal law at SOAS and at Paris Descartes (Masters in Common Law).

Caroline is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of the HEA.


Research interests

Gender, sexuality and criminal law, particularly temporalities, the law on sexual consent, and the legal regulation of relationships between women from the seventeenth century to the present. Caroline is currently writing a monograph, Legal Temporalities of Sexual Consent (Edinburgh University Press, 2024). Recent invited presentations and conference papers include '''Networks of influence, gender, class and lesbianism in Woods and Pirie v Cumming Gordon (1810-12)' (Alan Watson Legal History Seminar, Edinburgh University, 2023), 'The Wolfenden Report, homosexuality, and women’ (The Neglected Decade: law in the 1950s, IALS, 2022) and ‘Reckoning with lesbian sexuality and empire’ (Global Meeting on Law and Society, Lisbon, 2022).

Early women lawyers: Caroline researches several of the first women to qualify as barristers in Britain. She has published and presented widely on these and is a participant in projects on the first women lawyers and early ethnic minority lawyers. Recent conference papers include ‘Understandings of women’s citizenship after the Representation of the People Act 1918: Ethel Bright Ashford’ (International Congress on Feminism, Law and Citizenship, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 2022), ‘Olive Clapham and the complexities of “firsts”’ (keynote address, Diversity, Dilemmas and Discoveries, The Open University, 2021).

Caroline is Academic Lead of the Legal Histories research cluster, whose activities include the Diversity, Dilemmas and Discoveries conference series which attracts international participation. Themes have included women's entry into the legal profession, histories of legal education, and legal history in the curriculum. She is also co-convenor of the Society of Legal Scholars' Legal History Subject Section.

Teaching interests

  • W101 An introduction to law
  • W111 Criminal law and the courts
  • W250 Evidence law.
  • W340 Law, society and culture

Prior to working at the Open University, Caroline led a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules including:

  • Criminal Law
  • Evidence and Advocacy
  • Gender and Human Rights
  • Criminal Justice and Human Rights

She is the co-author of two textbooks: Complete Criminal Law, 6th-8th editions (with Janet Loveless and Mischa Allen, OUP, 2018, 2020, and 2022) and Gender and Law (with Judith Bourne, Routledge, 2018).


Impact and engagement

Caroline has contributed to a range of consultations including the Criminal Law Reform Now Network project 'Reforming the Relationship between Sexual Consent, Deception and Mistake' and Scottish Goverment consultations on victims' rights and the not proven verdict.

She has published in the Law Society Gazette and OpenLearn, and contributed to exhibitions and events at the Inns of Court. Recent blog posts include:

Caroline's EDI work has been shared at conferences and events including the AdvanceHE EDI Conference 2023, a Lincoln's Inn qualifying session on Gender Inequality and Intersectional Discrimination, and on OpenLearn.


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Ashford, Ethel Bright (1883–1980) (2018-11-08)
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