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Dr Dimitar Valchev

Profile summary

Professional biography


2008: PhD in Electrical Engineering (Communications and Signal Processing), Northeastern University, Boston, USA

2001: MEng in Computer Systems, Technical University of Sofia, campus Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1996: Technician in Industrial Electronics, Vocational High School for Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


After obtaining my doctoral degree in 2008, for eight years I was teaching communication and computer engineering modules at three universities and two colleges in Bulgaria. During that time, I also spent three half-year periods of research in terahertz technology at leading institutions around the world through competitive international fellowship schemes:

2014: Visiting researcher at the University of Adelaide, Australia

2015: Visiting researcher at Nagoya University, Japan

2016: Visiting assistant professor at the University of Rochester, USA

I joined the Open University as a lecturer in 2017.

Research interests

Communications and signal processing

Virtual laboratories for distance engineering education

Teaching interests

Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

T312 Electronics: Signal processing, control and communications;

T212 Electronics: Sensing, logic and actuation;

T276 Engineering: Professions, practice and skills 2 Practical Engineering (microcontrollers activity);

T176 Engineering: Professions, practice and skills 1 (robotics activity);

T885 Team engineering (robotics activity);

T452 The engineering project (electronics focus).


Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of edible oils. (2017-06-28)
Dinovitser, Alex; Valchev, Dimitar G. and Abbott, Derek
Royal Society Open Science, 4, Article 170275(6)

Terahertz Signal Classification Based on Geometric Algebra (2016-11-01)
Zhou, Shengling; Valchev, Dimitar G.; Dinovitser, Alex; Chappell, James M.; Iqbal, Azhar; Ng, Brian W-H.; Kee, Tak W. and Abbott, Derek
IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology, 6(6) (pp. 793-802)

Steering of Two-Element Array Antenna with Arbitrary Narrow Beam Array Factor (2023-07-03)
Apostolov, Peter and Valchev, Dimitar G.
In : 2023 Photonics & Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) (3-6 Jul 2023, Prague, Czech Republic)

Dispersion-Independent Terahertz Classification Based on Geometric Algebra for Substance Detection (2016)
Zhou, S. L.; Valchev, D. G.; Dinovitser, A.; Chappell, J. M.; Iqbal, A.; Ng, B. W-H.; Kee, T. W. and Abbott, D.
In : 41st International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz waves (IRMMW-THz) (25-30 Sep 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark)