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Dogan Yuksel

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The effects of language learning and math mindsets on academic success in an engineering program (2023-01)
Kaya, Sibel; Yuksel, Dogan and Curle, Samantha
Journal of Engineering Education, 112(1) (pp. 90-107)

Examining the role of English language proficiency, language learning anxiety, and self-regulation skills in EMI students’ academic success (2023)
Yuksel, Dogan; Soruç, Adem; Horzum, Barış and McKinley, Jim
Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching ((in press))

Lecturers’ Translanguaging Practices in English-Taught Lectures in Turkey (2023)
Genc, Eda; Yuksel, Dogan and Curle, Samantha
Journal of Multilingual Theories and Practices ((in press))

A corpus-based analysis of discourse strategy use by English-Medium Instruction university lecturers in Turkey (2022-07)
Ege, Fatma; Yuksel, Dogan and Curle, Samantha
Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 58, Article 101125

Investigating the impact of linguistic and non-linguistic factors on EMI academic success (2022-07)
Soruç, Adem; Pawlak, Mirosław; Yuksel, Dogan and Horzum, Barış
System, 107, Article 102794

Teacher Mindset and Grit: How do They Change by Teacher Training, Gender, and Subject Taught? (2022)
Kaya, Sibel and Yuksel, Dogan
Participatory Educational Research, 9(6) (pp. 418-435)

The effects of motivational and metacognitive variables on immigrant and non-immigrant students’ reading achievement (2022)
Kaya, Sibel; Eryilmaz, Nurullah and Yuksel, Dogan
International Journal of Educational Research, 112, Article 101944

Investigating academic achievement of English medium instruction courses in Turkey (2022)
Altay, Mehmet; Curle, Samantha; Yuksel, Dogan and Soruc, Adem
Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching, 12(1) (pp. 117-141)

Teacher questions in English medium instruction classrooms in a Turkish higher education setting (2021-12)
Genc, Eda and Yuksel, Dogan
Linguistics and Education, 66, Article 100992

Students’ academic language-related challenges in English Medium Instruction: The role of English proficiency and language gain (2021-12)
Soruç, Adem; Altay, Mehmet; Curle, Samantha and Yuksel, Dogan
System, 103, Article 102651

Teachers’ beliefs and practices about oral corrective feedback in university EFL classes (2021-11)
Yüksel, Doğan; Soruç, Adem and McKinley, Jim
International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 31(3) (pp. 362-382)

Job Prospects of Different EMI Engineering Programmes’ Graduates (2021)
Altay, Mehmet and Yüksel, Doğan
Participatory Educational Research, 8(2) (pp. 460-475)

The relationship between university EFL teachers’ oral feedback beliefs and practices and the impact of individual differences (2021)
Yuksel, Dogan; Soruç, Adem and McKinley, Jim
International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching ((Early access))

What Role Do Language Learning Mindsets Play in English Medium Instruction? A Comparison of Engineering and Business Administration in Turkey (2021)
Yuksel, Dogan; Curle, Samantha and Kaya, Sibel
Journal for the Psychology of Language Learning, 3(1) (pp. 50-62)

A longitudinal study at an English medium instruction university in Turkey: the interplay between English language improvement and academic success (2021)
Yuksel, Doğan; Soruç, Adem; Altay, Mehmet and Curle, Samantha
Applied Linguistics Review ((Early access))

EMI Programmes in Turkey: Evidence of Exponential Growth (2022-07-14)
Yuksel, Dogan; Altay, Mehmet and Curle, Samantha
In: Curle, Samantha; Ali, Holi Ibrahim Holi; Alhassan, Awad and Scatolini, Sergio eds. English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education in the Middle East and North Africa: Policy, Research and Pedagogy (pp. 109-128)
ISBN : 9781350238541 | Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing | Published : London, UK

EFL Teachers' Challenges and Coping Strategies in Emergency Remote Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic (2022-06)
Al Issa, Hafez Alhammadeh; Kairouz, Hazem and Yuksel, Dogan
In: El-Henawy, Walaa M. and Suárez, Maria del Mar eds. English as a Foreign Language in a New-Found Post-Pandemic World (pp. 93-116)
ISBN : 9781668442050 | Publisher : IGI Global

An Investigation of Language-Related Challenges in Full and Multilingual English-Medium Instruction Models in Turkey (2022-05)
Altay, Mehmet and Yuksel, Dogan
In: Christison, MaryAnn; Crandall, JoAnn (Jodi) and Christian, Donna eds. Research on Integrating Language and Content in Diverse Contexts (pp. 181-194)
ISBN : 9781003181859 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon

Computerized Dynamic Assessment as a Potential Inclusive Assessment Tool for Reading Comprehension (2022-01)
Unal, Ayca and Yuksel, Dogan
In: Meletiadou, Eleni ed. Handbook of Research on Policies and Practices for Assessing Inclusive Teaching and Learning (pp. 360-384)
ISBN : 9781799885795 | Publisher : IGI Global | Published : Hershey, PA

The use of technology in English medium education (2022-06-07)
Pun, Jack; Curle, Samantha and Yuksel, Dogan eds.
English Language Education (ELED)
ISBN : 978-3-030-99621-5 | Publisher : Springer International Publishing | Published : Cham, Switzerland

‘Opening Up’ Research on English as a Medium of Instruction: Applied Linguistics and Interdisciplinarity.
Hultgren, Kristina; Nao, Marion; Wingrove, Peter; Yuksel, Dogan and Zuaro, Beatrice
In : 56th Annual Conference of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL 2023) (23-25 Aug 2023, University of York, York)