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Dr Eimear O'Connor

Profile summary

Professional biography

As a Staff Tutor in Psychology, I co-manage the Associate Lecturers and module delivery in region 9 (North East England). I am a member of the DE300 module team and also lecture on this module. My academic background is in cognitive and developmental psychology, however, I worked in various roles in different institutions which have broadened my research experience and skill set.


Professional roles

Researcher Development Consultant (Queen’s University Belfast)

Research Information Officer (Queen’s University Belfast)

Quality and Compliance Manager (Belfast Metropolitan College)

Research and Evaluation Officer (Housing Rights)

Information Analyst (Positive Futures)

Senior Researcher (Council for the Curriculum, Examinations & Assessment)

ESRC-funded Postdoctoral Researcher (Queen's University Belfast)

Training Director (Belfast Samaritans)


Academic degrees

PhD: The development of regret and its role in decision making (Queen's University Belfast)

MSc Psychology (Open University)

BSc Psychology (Hons) (Queen's University Belfast)


Research interests

I am interested in improving the student experience of higher education and effective approaches to tuition.

Teaching interests

As an Associate Lecturer with the Open University, I have taught on DE300, EK313, KE206 and M140. In other institutions, I have taught cognitive, developmental and social psychology at undergraduate level. I have also supervised undergraduate and postgraduate research projects. 


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Knowing when to hold ‘em: regret and the relation between missed opportunities and risk taking in children, adolescents and adults (2018)
Feeney, Aidan; Travers, Eoin; O'Connor, Eimear; Beck, Sarah R. and McCormack, Teresa
Cognition and Emotion, 32(3) (pp. 608-615)

The development of regret and relief about the outcomes of risky decisions (2016-08)
McCormack, Teresa; O’Connor, Eimear; Beck, Sarah and Feeney, Aidan
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 148 (pp. 1-19)

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O'Connor, Eimear; McCormack, Teresa; Beck, Sarah R. and Feeney, Aidan
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Do Children Who Experience Regret Make Better Decisions? A Developmental Study of the Behavioral Consequences of Regret (2014)
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