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Marina Postlethwaite Bowler

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Professional biography

Marina joined the Open University in 2013 as an Associate Lecturer and has extended her role becoming a Staff Tutor with a childhood, youth and sport focus. Marina’s previous experience includes working in Secondary and Further Education in leadership and teaching roles whilst maintaining a key interest in external examining and quality assurance in vocational training ( business,sport and fitness).Marina works for a leading awarding organisation delivering  training to educators in the UK and globally.Marina has worked with the DofE on vocational qualification development and policies and procedures around quality assurance of vocational qualifications in Sport,Sports Exercise Science,Fitness , Outdoor Activities and Business. Marina is a Master Trainer and External Examiner working with colleagues and educators in the four nations and in the International space ensuring the student expereicne is a postive one.

Marina is a Fellow of the University and is working towards her Senior Fellow in 2022.

FHEA she/her

Staff Tutor ECYS, Associate Lecturer E119 and E117

School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport

Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies

BA Hons Sport and Business Mangement.

Masters in Education (Mentoring and Education)

Research interests

My academic and working career have involved pedagogical approaches to teaching and training roles within the lifelong learning, education and training sectors. These roles have engaged me in working with a wide range of ability levels and ages.My drivers incude:

  • reflection on the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning as a Manager and Associate Lecturer.
  • drawing on scholarship and research to understand the impact of teaching, knowledge exchange and wellbeing to ensure success for both students and colleagues working in an online space.
  • review and utilise relevant and current materials as a result of scholarship and research.
  • leading innovation of delivery of teaching and creating communities of practice with colleagues.
  • engagement in quality enhancemnet of AL practice- teaching learning and assessment.
  • engagement with internal and external stakeholders in development opportunities.

I am a true advocate of the importance and development of every individuals transferrable skills and the impact of these skills on leanring.Ensuring the primary goals of the curriculum and focus are not forgotten, my driver is to continue to teach and guide the understanding that the skills which make us uniquely human are the hardest to learn. Skills like creativity, critical reflection, originality, problem-solving and the recognition that we all learn in different ways. I always endeavour to provide a holistic approach via robust and inclusive pedagogy and learning
I constantly display a zeal for developing and shaoing teaching and learning  with the goal of providing and sharing ideas and practice to esnure the very best experience fro students who may not  have yet taken advantage of opportunities to learn develop and grow. I am passionate about measuring and celebrating achievement - in all its guises and at all levels of an organisation.
I believe in the implementation of a clear workable quality assurance process that ensures progression and success thus enabling robust outcomes for all stakeholders.
I am always open to new challenges and further possibilities.
"Let yourself be drawn to the strange pull of what you really love-it will not lead you astray " Rumi