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Professor Pauline Gleadle

BA (Cambridge) BA (OU) MSc (LSE) PhD (Brunel)

Profile summary

Professional biography

Pauline is a qualified accountant and first worked in the profession followed by spells with a major multinational and then a period as director of finance of a major non-profit organisation. During this time, she completed an Open University degree in psychology. She then entered academia, teaching part-time at a wide variety of universities in the South East as well as writing a lot of distance learning material. In 2003 she joined the Open University from Cranfield School of Management, working on several general management and accounting courses. Most recently, Pauline has been acting as course chair for a new Masters course, Issues in international finance and investment (B854), as well as writing a substantial amount of material for the course.

Research interests

My current research interests centre on management control in the widest sense including with regard to financialization and to the strategy: management control interface. I am also interested in organization studies, specifically enterprise and identity and the role of knowledge workers.


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FINNOV, Milton Keynes.