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Professor Pauline Gleadle

Profile summary

Research interests

My research interests are highly interdisciplinary, reflecting my background in Economics, Psychology, Social Psychology and Critical Management Studies, as well as drawing on my professional accountancy qualification, as a Chartered Accountant.

More specifically, my main research focus centres broadly around financialization, defined for these purposes as relating to the dynamic interaction between financial markets and the strategy and governance of non-financial corporations, primarily of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Appropriately enough, given the massively increased interest in financialization since the Global Financial Crisis, my first publication on this subject dates from 2008.

Recently, I have turned my attention also to the financialization of the household and of individuals, both in the UK and more internationally including the Global South.

In this connection, I have agreed a special issue with Critical Perspectives on Accounting, a highly interdisciplinary and well-regarded journal, with a paper submission deadline of 30th September 2023. My co-editors are Dr Ariane Agunsoye, Goldsmiths, University of London (email: and Dr Neeta Shah, University of Westminster (email: Please email all three of us if you would like our advice on whether in principle, your abstract might be developed into an appropriate submission for this special issue. My own email is

Finally, I am also interested in supervising doctoral students. At the moment, I am supervising three DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) students, two of whom are based in different African countries and the third, in the Middle East. Their research topics are quite diverse and include risk management strategies by SMEs in a particular region of Nigeria and bankers’ decision-making practices during a period of substantial economic volatility in part of southern Africa.


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