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A critical review of methods for eliciting voice from children with speech, language and communication needs (2020-10)
Bloom, Ashley; Critten, Sarah; Johnson, Helen and Wood, Clare
Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, 20(4) (pp. 308-320)

Evaluating a method for eliciting children's voice about educational support with children with speech, language and communication needs (2020-06)
Bloom, Ashley; Critten, Sarah; Johnson, Helen and Wood, Clare
British Journal of Special Education, 47(2) (pp. 170-207)

A longitudinal investigation of prosodic sensitivity and emergent literacy (2020)
Critten, Sarah; Holliman, Andrew J.; Hughes, David J.; Wood, Clare; Cunnane, Helen; Pillinger, Claire and Deacon, S. Hélène
Reading and Writing, 34(2) (pp. 371-389)

Student and Teacher Perspectives on Spelling (2019)
Daffern, Tessa and Critten, Sarah
Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 42(1) (pp. 40-57)

Examining the independent contribution of prosodic sensitivity to word reading and spelling in early readers (2017)
Holliman, A. J.; Gutiérrez Palma, N; Critten, S.; Wood, C.; Cunnane, H. and Pillinger, C.
Reading and Writing, 30(3) (pp. 509-521)

Young Children's spelling representations and spelling strategies (2016-12)
Critten, Sarah; Sheriston, Lee and Mann, Franceska
Learning and Instruction, 46 (pp. 34-44)

Routes to Reading and Spelling: Testing the Predictions of Dual-Route Theory (2016)
Sheriston, Lee; Critten, Sarah and Jones, Emily
Reading Research Quarterly, 51(4) (pp. 403-417)

Assessing children's writing products: the role of curriculum based measures (2015-08)
Dockrell, Julie E.; Connelly, Vincent; Walter, Kirsty and Critten, Sarah
British Educational Research Journal, 41(4) (pp. 575-595)

Inflectional and derivational morphological spelling abilities of children with Specific Language Impairment (2014-08)
Critten, Sarah; Connelly, Vincent; Dockrell, Julie E. and Walter, Kirsty
Frontiers in Psychology, 5, Article 948

Modeling the Relationship Between Prosodic Sensitivity and Early Literacy (2014)
Holliman, Andrew; Critten, Sarah; Lawrence, Tony; Harrison, Emily; Wood, Clare and Hughes, David
Reading Research Quarterly, 49(4) (pp. 469-482)

Revealing children’s implicit spelling representations (2013-06)
Critten, Sarah; Pine, Karen J. and Messer, David J.
British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 31 (pp. 198-211)

Predicting the Quality of Composition and Written Language Bursts From Oral Language, Spelling, and Handwriting Skills in Children With and Without Specific Language Impairment (2012)
Connelly, Vincent; Dockrell, Julie E.; Walter, Kirsty and Critten, Sarah
Written Communication, 29(3) (pp. 278-302)

Spelling development in young children: A case of representational redescription? (2007-02)
Critten, Sarah; Pine, Karen and Steffler, Dorothy
Journal of Educational Psychology, 99(1) (pp. 207-220)