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Susan Kotschi

Profile summary

Professional biography

In 2001 I was appointed Associate Lecturer at the Open University for the top up course L231 Motive top up, which was the first year when online teaching courses using the Lyceum soft ware.

One year later in 2002 I took on the position 0.5 FELS Staff Tutor in Modern Languages in Region 05. In 2012 I worked as full time Staff Tutor in R02 Oxford. After the closure of the Oxford Regional Office I returned to work in Nottingham. Since then I ensured that the provision of languages modules (mainly in German) run smoothly.

Teaching interests

all aspects of German - language, literature, politics, culture, linguistics

all aspects of Russia  -  language, literature, politics, culture, linguistics

English language


Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety - PRAXIS Project Report (2022)
Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna; Brash, Baerbel and Kotschi, Susan
The Open University