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Professional biography

Dr Yoseph Araya, is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology & Environmental Sciences within the Ecosystems and Biodiversity Research discipline. 

Contact: Yoseph [dot] Araya [at] open [dot] ac [dot] uk

Research interests

My particular research interest is in the functional relationships between plants and their environment (particularly water and nutrients). I especially enjoy integrating experimental studies with field investigations. I also am an enthusiastic communicator of science and environmental education.

Some projects I have been involved include:

  • Soil Moisture gradients and biodiversity in the Cape Flora, Western Cape, South Africa: looking at niche segregation, plant coexistence, ecohydrological management, evolution of plant diversity; as well as plant and soil micobial diversity relationships e.g. UK, Spain

  • Environmental education for the public and engagement in science, including Citizen Science on water, plants, hedges ... e.g. iSpot and in more formal way paraecologists

  • Quantitative Ecology i.e. querying plant record databases for trends and also collaborating with statisticians to test new methods e.g. Foodplain Meadows management

  • Valuing of Ecosystem Services for multiple purposes and stakeholders for sustainable wholistic environmental management - as part of wholistic evaluation

  • ​Macadamia tree growth and nut production in response to provenance, agroclimatic zone and management practices with Neno Macadamia Trust and Emmanuel Zuza Jr. Here is an excellent outreach video with Emmanuel describing an aspect of his project (

  • Microplastics in soil is a project looking at their fate and impact in the environment, working with Joanna Jesionkowska, Pallavi Anand  and collaborators in Severn Trent Water.

  • Habitat fragementation and butterfly conservation in urban ecosystems with Willow Neal, Phil Wheeler and collaborators in MK Parks Trust.

Teaching interests

Prior to my role as a central academic, I have been an Associate Lecturer with the OU for a number of years, on various science, ecology and environmental science modules (from undergraduate to postgraduate) across faculties. I teach online, face-to-face and in the field, in addition to supporting research students. I particuarly enjoy modules that bridge across disciplines and involve approaches in technology-enhanced learning.

Some modules i have been involved are: Environmental Science (S206/SXF206), Biology of Survival (S295), Environmental Management (T219), Journey's in a changing Environment (U116), SXE390 (Science Project - Environment strand), Environment responding to change (SDT306). A free taster for SDT306 is entitled as 'Eating for the Environment'.

I write public education blogs at OU's OpenLearn website.

Impact and engagement

I have been priviledged to be an academic consultant and contribute to an OU-BBC production of Green Planet, a 5 episode exploration of how plants survive and support our earth. There is a dedicated website with poster and other articles, with my colleagues Prof. David Gowing and Dr Julia Cooke here: One of the meet the team discussion we had at Northern Ireland's Science Festival is available here: The Power of Plants Event - YouTube

Other programmes include BBC Two's Springwatch 3 week series, where I consulted in 2023 and 2024.

I also participate in mentoring programmes for underrepresented groups with British Ecological Society, Institute for Environmental Science and more recently with the Equator Mentoring Network (funded by NERC).

Another recent project is Walking the Talk (with Dr Marcus Badger, Prof. Clare Warren and others) which aims to understand and encourage outdoor engagement of underrepresented groups. A follow up was Landscape Stories and more recently Mitti Matters.

I am involved in the role of public parks for public health and aging well with Dr Jitka Vseteckova and MK Parks Trust ( and The Parks Trust podcats.

In summer 2022 I coordinated a couple of web workshops on Art-based global sustainbility education with Dr Maria Nita and citizen science training (upskilling) for employment with British Ecological Society. 

Some other events and media clips:

New Scientist Live October 2022 (London): 

Feeding the earth: sustainble food production example from Malawi. Thinking Faith Network

International Development Festival at Open University: International Development and Innovation Research Centre at Open University

About Open University students and minorities: Islam TV

Worktree charity for supporting careers and employment for disadvantaged: Career Snapshot

External collaborations

I have active collaborations with colleagues in other institutions within the UK as well as overseas e.g. Spain, Germany, Malawi, and South Africa.

I am an active and passionate member of our professional body, British Ecological Society and its special interest group of Ecology Teaching and Learning as well as public engagement. 

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I am a trustee of a local NGO: Teach, Learn, Connect (UK registered).

I am a trustee of  The Parks Trust, Milton Keynes.

I am in the advisory board for a citizen science project (South Africa) - "Diamonds in the soles of their feet".

I am in the editorial board for Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, Carbon Management and Plant Conservation, Studia Botanica.

I am external examiner for MSc in Agroecology at the Royal Agricultural College

Externally funded projects

CENTA2 DTP 2022 Intake
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator01 Oct 202230 Sep 2026NERC Natural Environment Research Council

The Central England NERC Training Alliance (CENTA), is a consortium of research intensive Universities (Open, Birmingham, Leicester, Loughborough, Warwick and Cranfield) and research institutes who together to provide excellence in doctoral research training. CENTA encompasses research activities within three broad themes: Climate and Environmental Sustainability; Organisms and Ecosystems; and Dynamic Earth. The Open University STEM Faculty has match-funded 3 studentships per year throughout the project.

Landscape stories: engaging with environmental science through storytelling
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator25 Jul 202228 Feb 2023NERC Natural Environment Research Council

We will work with a grassroots ethnic minority walking organisation to co-design walking routes that showcase aspects of the geological, landscape and ecological evolution of their local area that specifically link to OU research. This will: • Improve visibility of EES (and EES careers) within diverse communities who are under-represented in EES research • Engage these communities in cutting-edge EES from the Open University • Encourage confidence in walk leaders to communicate the science of the environment to their walk participants. • Train Earth/environmental scientists in mixed-methods approaches to public engagement evaluation

Walking the Walk: Co-producing approaches to diversifying participation in Earth and environmental science education and careers
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator01 Dec 202130 Jun 2022NERC Natural Environment Research Council

For many people working in the environmental sciences today, the first spark of interest in the field came from experiences in nature. Whether walking, hiking or visiting the coast, immersion in the natural world can often plant the seeds of curiosity that lead to a lifelong desire to know more about how and why it works. In the UK, much of the natural “the countryside” is perceived as an overwhelmingly “white” space, hostile to people from non-white backgrounds. Not only does this mean that for many that seed is never planted, but the lack of familiarity with experiences in “the outdoors” means the fieldwork seen as necessary for an environmental education (and commonly required for accredited degree programs) presents a barrier to degree level study. This is a major problem for the field, as environmental impacts such as those driven by climate change affect everyone. Financial, cultural and opportunity barrier to accessing the outdoors, are recognised by both environmental organisations and grassroots groups. This project will bring together environmental scientists and grassroot community groups to tackle barriers in order to make outdoor learning accessible to all. We will test approaches to bring environmental science learning directly to those trying to make the UK countryside a more inclusive environment and learn from the experiences of both environmental scientists and activist groups in spending time immersed in nature.


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Exploring perspectives of minoritized community walking group leaders to make access to nature more equitable, diverse and inclusive (2023-04-14)
Holliman, Richard; Smith, Kelly; Khatwa, Anjana; Warren, Clare; Araya, Yoseph; Ansine, Janice and Badger, Marcus
In : International PCST Conference : Creating Common Ground (11-14 Apr 2023, Rotterdam)

Extent and Impact of Microplastics on Availability of Soil Nutrients: A Trade-off Assessment (2023)
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Urban Woodland Butterfly Habitat Suitability (2022-12-19)
Neal, Bradley; Araya, Yoseph and Wheeler, Philip
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iSpot: a citizen science platform for inclusive learning and teaching (2018-06-03)
Ansine, Janice; Araya, Yoseph; Dodd, Michael and Robinson, David
In : European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) Conference 2018 (3-5 Jun 2018, Geneva, Switzerland)

Co-constructing ‘third spaces’ for engagement between minoritized community groups and environmental scientists (2024-02-27)
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