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Dr Zsuzsanna Barkanyi

Profile summary

Professional biography

My enthusiasm towards languages led me to become a linguistics researcher and a Spanish language teacher. I have a keen interest in the spoken side of language, speech technology and online and mobile learning. I joined the Open University as a Lecturer in Spanish in 2016. I have chaired L194, the Beginners’ Spanish Course and worked on L226 Production, the Upper-intermediate Spanish course. I was Head of Spanish in 2017/18 and Lead Educator on the Spanish for Beginners Programme on FutureLearn.

Before joining the Open University, I was a Speech Linguistics Project Manager at Google's text-to-speech synthesis team from 2015. Before relocating to the UK, I was a Lecturer in Spanish and Theoretical Linguisitics at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest and senior researcher of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Institute for Linguistics to which I'm still affiliated.

Research interests

  • Linguistic Theories in Language Learning and Teaching
  • Interface of Phonetics and Phonology, Laboratory Phonology
  • Linguistic Variation
  • Acquiring Speaking Skills in L2 / FL
  • Foreign Language Anxiety

I am currently co-mentoring and co-leading (jointly with Dr Mara Fuertes-Gutiérrez) the Lingistics in Spanish Language Teaching (LiSLaT) reseach group the aim of which is to look at how language teachers perceive linguistic variety and what impact their perceptions have in the classroom. 

I have conducted extensive research in the area of Variation in Phonetics and Phonology, the role of Perception in Phonology and Phonotacics. I was involved in different research projects, such as Variation in Phonology; Analogy-based Formal Approach to Phonology and Morphology (supported by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund).

I am currently supervising a PhD thesis on the role of explicit phonetic instruction in the pronunciation of L2/FL Spanish; co-supervising a PhD thesis on mediation in Spanish language teaching and supervising an EdD on the role of cognitive neurosciences in online learning and teaching.

My upcoming publications are:

Bárkányi ZS, G. Kiss Z
(forthcoming). Neutralisation and contrast preservation: Voicing assimilation in Hungarian three-consonant clusters. Linguistic Variation.

Teaching interests

I have experience in teaching Spanish language and linguistics as well as cross-cultural competencies. I also worked in teacher training. At the OU I have worked on the development of the beginners' MOOC and the upper-intermediate Spanish course including AV, e-learning resources and course books. I was the lead academic in the accreditation of the Spanish Linguistics MA at ELTE, Budapest. I am qualified as a DELE Examiner (B1, B2) and also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

External collaborations

I am an International Baccalaureate examiner.

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Institute for Linguistics.


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Bárkányi, Zsuzsanna
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Publisher : Tinta Könyvkiadó

Palabras enlazadas: estudios en homenaje al profesor László Scholz (2018)
Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna and Blastik, Santosné eds.
ISBN : 9789633153819 | Publisher : Jate Press | Published : Szeged

Határvidékek: köztes világok, köztes kategóriák [Borderlands: intermediate worlds, intermediate categories] (2015)
Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna and Perényi, Katalin eds.
ISBN : 9789633121900 | Publisher : Eötvös Kiadó | Published : Budapest, Hungary

Voicing assimilation at accentual phrase boundaries in Hungarian. (2015-08-14)
Mády, Katalin and Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna
In : Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. (10-14 Aug 2015, Glasgow)

Prosodic conditioning of pre-sonorant voicing (2015)
Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna and Štefan, Beňuš
In : 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (10-14 Aug 2015, Glasgow, UK)

Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety - PRAXIS Project Report (2022)
Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna; Brash, Baerbel and Kotschi, Susan
The Open University

Teaching Spanish Pronunciation Praxis Project Report (2021-09-09)
Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna
The Open University

Supporting the teaching of pronunciation in the language curriculum (2020-04)
Álvarez, Inma; Fuertes Gutiérrez, Mara and Bárkányi, Zsuzsanna
European Association of Distance Teaching Universities, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Tookit "Moving your Language Teaching Online" (2020)
von Lindeiner-Stráský, Karina; Pulker, Hélène; Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna; Pleines, Christine and Vialleton, Elodie
Open Learn Create

Spanish varieties in the language classroom: questionnaire to teachers
Fuertes Gutierrez, Mara and Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna