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Man sitting at a computer

‘Please continue’ – did this simple two-word phrase lead normal people to ‘torture’ strangers?

Would you electrocute an innocent stranger if you were told to do so by someone in a position of authority? This is the dilemma hundreds of US adults were presented with in Stanley Milgram’s famous and controversial “obedience to authority” experiments that ran from 1961 to 1962.

21st December 2021
Woman writing in a book

OU researchers’ creative wellbeing support for pandemic healthcare workers wins award

The Bright Ideas in Health Awards has honoured Dr Siobhan Campbell and Dr Sally Blackburn-Daniels for an innovative pilot scheme that encouraged NHS healthcare workers to try creative writing to enhance their wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.  

15th December 2021
Person's hands with a pencil and a drawing

New research in geometry and number theory

An OU academic has received almost £370,000 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to conduct research into geometry and number theory.

13th December 2021

Improving space imaging sensors with nano-black coating

OU researchers have received funding to test the results of applying a nano-black coating to space sensors so that they can take better images.

3rd December 2021
Sarah Crafter

Children of migration as brokers of 'care'

The Open University hosted Sarah Crafter’s inaugural lecture on 30 November 2021.

30th November 2021
Woman driving whilst looking at her mobile phone

Drivers and hand-held mobile phones: extending the ban won’t solve the problem – here’s why

The laws around mobile phone use while driving are to be tightened under new UK government plans to make any use of a hand-held phone illegal. 

25th November 2021
Policeman standing in the road

Over half a million pounds to research police response to rape

OU research which will transform how rape investigations are conducted has just been awarded £570,000 by The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, who are hosting this National Police Chiefs Council led and Home Office funded programme.

24th November 2021
Group of headshots

OU experts ask: What's in a face?

Dr Catriona Havard from the OU’s Forensic Cognition Research Group argues we’re not as good as we think we are at matching faces and explains her research to make human facial recognition less error-prone and potentially damaging.

17th November 2021
Galaxy deep in space

OU research promises more precise pictures of space

Research by OU space academics to measure radiation’s impact on satellite telescopes promises to deliver more precise pictures of the Universe by making it easier to correct the damage protons cause to the images they capture.

11th November 2021
Young boy eating hamburger

Call for global restrictions in marketing of unhealthy food to children

An OU researcher calls for greater global restrictions in the marketing of unhealthy food to children globally through findings available this month (November 2021).

11th November 2021

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