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Dr Richard Godfrey

Profile summary

Professional biography

I have a BA, MBA and PhD from Keele University, and previously taught and researched at the Universities of Keele, Aberystwyth and Leicester before joining The Open University Business School in May 2019 as a Senior Lecturer in Strategy.


Research interests

My research interests fall into a number of broad categories:

  • Extreme work (including studies on the military, security contractors and paramedics)
  • Masculinities, consumption and markets 
  • Popular culture and/in organisation studies
  • Critical readings of strategic management


Teaching interests

I have taught strategic management, marketing, consumer behaviour and research methods at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as on distance learning and Executive MBA programmes. I am also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.




Abjection in extremely gendered colonial organizations: female military firefighter officers in Brazil (2022)
de Souza, Eloisio Moulin; Brewis, Joanna and Godfrey, Richard
Human Relations ((In press))

The politics of consuming war: video games, the military-entertainment complex and the spectacle of violence (2021)
Godfrey, Richard
Journal of Marketing Management ((Early Access))

Marketing strategy and the hunt for era V (2020)
Godfrey, Richard and Higgins, Matthew
Journal of Marketing Management, 36(9-10) (pp. 867-887)

’Nowhere else sells bliss like this’: Exploring the emotional labour of soldiers at war (2018-11)
Godfrey, Richard and Brewis, Joanna
Gender, Work and Organization, 25(6) (pp. 653-669)

‘Never call me a mercenary’: Identity work, stigma management and the private security contractor (2018-05-01)
Brewis, Joanna and Godfrey, Richard
Organization, 25(3) (pp. 335-353)

Soldiering on: Exploring the role of humour as a disciplinary technology in the military (2016-03-01)
Godfrey, Richard
Organization, 23(2) (pp. 164-183)

The private military industry and neoliberal imperialism: Mapping the terrain (2014-01-01)
Godfrey, Richard; Brewis, Joanna; Grady, Jo and Grocott, Chris
Organization, 21(1) (pp. 106-125)

Biceps, Bitches and Borgs: Reading Jarhead’s Representation of the Construction of the (Masculine) Military Body (2012-04-01)
Godfrey, Richard; Lilley, Simon and Brewis, Joanna
Organization Studies, 33(4) (pp. 541-562)

Visual consumption, collective memory and the representation of war (2009)
Godfrey, Richard and Lilley, Simon
Consumption, Markets and Culture, 12(4) (pp. 275-300)

Military, Masculinity and Mediated Representations: (Con)fusing the Real and the Reel (2009)
Godfrey, Richard
Culture and Organization, 15(2) (pp. 203-220)

Sucking, Bleeding, Breaking: On the Dialectics of Vampirism, Capital and Time (2004)
Godfrey, Richard; Jack, Gavin and Jones, Campbell
Culture and Organization, 10(1) (pp. 25-36)

Strategic Management: A Critical Introduction (2015-12-14)
Godfrey, Richard
ISBN : 9781315817132 | Publisher : Routledge

From extreme to mundane? The changing face of paramedicine in the UK Ambulance Service (2019-05-16)
Brewis, Joanna and Godfrey, Richard
In: Wankhade, Paresh; McCann, Leo and Murphy, Peter eds. Critical Perspectives on the Management and Organization of Emergency Services (pp. 179-199)
ISBN : 9781138097650 | Publisher : Routledge

Military, Masculinity and Mediated Representations: (Con)fusing the Real and the Reel (2012-02-27)
Godfrey, Richard
In: Rhodes, Carl and Lilley, Simon eds. Organizations and Popular Culture: Information, Representation and Transformation (pp. 50-67)
ISBN : 9780203723012 | Publisher : Routledge