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Dr William Garbrah

Profile summary

Professional biography

William graduated with a dual qualification as a Registered Nurse and a Public Health Nurse in Finland. He worked as Nurse in long-term care settings and later as a Senior Lecturer in Finland. He has experience in coaching, guiding, and facilitating Academic colleagues from China to achieve improvement targets in curriculum development, instruction, and assessment. He has expertise in evidence-based nursing, older people nursing, health promotion, research methods and internationalization in nursing education. Also, being a member of the academic communities in Finland and in the UK has offered him the opportunity to be flexible and innovative in planning, designing, and implementing teaching and learning.

It is usual for William to provide individual tutorial sessions for students who have challenges. Additionally, he has experience in supervising dissertations at Bachelor and Master’s levels and assessing students' performance through academic marking, moderation and monitoring. He also has experiene in module supervision, co-leading modules and helping to implement other modules.

William has come to realize that the uniqueness of every student is important in their academic and professional development. Therefore, he demonstrates compassion to support students who face challenges in their academic work by encouraging them to identify and dwell on their unique strengths. This philosophy has been his guide in providing teaching and learning support in his career. 

Research interests

William's research interest focuses on:

  • Nursing academics and students' interest in older people nursing,
  • BAME nursing students’ experience, and
  • Migrants’ health and wellbeing.


Garbrah W, Välimäki T,  Kankkunen P. (2021). Facilitating students' interest in older people nursing: Gerontological nurse teachers under scrutiny.  Nurse Education in Practice. 50, 102929. DOI: 10.1016/j.nepr.2020.102929

Garbrah W.; Kankkunena, P.; & Välimäkia, T. (2020a). Gerontological nurse teachers' abilities and influence on students' willingness in older people nursing: A cross-sectional, correlational survey. Nurse Education Today. 90, 104461. DOI: 10.1016/j.nedt.2020.104461

Garbrah W.; Kankkunena, P.; & Välimäkia, T. (2020b). Development and validation of gerontological nurse teacher scale. Nurse Education in Practice. 44, 102763. 

Pekkola, M., Garbrah, W. (2018) Social Support Experiences of Breast Cancer Patients, JAMK Journal of Health and Social Studies, e187. 

Garbrah W, Välimäki T, Palovaara M, Kankkunen P. (2017) Nursing curriculums may hinder a career in gerontological nursing: An integrative review. Int J Older People Nurs. ;00: 1–11.

Palovaara, M. & Garbrah, W. 2013. Towards Multicultural Nursing in Finland. In Riikka Vanhanen, Helli Kitinoja & Jyrki Holappa (eds.). FINNIPS -Joint Efforts for Internationalisation. Publications of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.


As a co-investigator of Raising Awareness of Prostate Cancer in Black Communities in Basingstoke.   Funded by: Action Hampshire, funding amount received for the project: £29,953  

Lead for the Community and Older Adults Pathways within the Oxford School of Nursing. This involved working with placement partners to raise the profile of community and older adults nursing in the curriculum and placement. 

Lead for the BAME Student Network within the Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery. Worked with academic colleagues in other faculties, students, and NHS staff to enhance BAME student nurses’ learning experience.

February 2008 - education on prevention of children’s mental disorder/supporting early interaction at the professional basic level 

September 2007- 20-hour Course on Breastfeeding Promotion and support in a Baby-Friendly Hospital


November 2017. International Students Conference at Tartu Healthcare Collage as Scientific Committee Member

November 2011. International Conference on “Values in Health Care Education” at Tartu Health Care Collage

Teaching interests

He has expertise in evidence-based nursing, older people nursing, health promotion, research methods, transcultural nursing and internationalization in nursing education