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Exploring history: medieval to modern 1400-1900 (A200)

  • Did you know that English kings once ruled France and why their rule came to an end?
  • Do you know why some European countries are predominantly Catholic and others Protestant?
  • Do you know what it was like to live through the civil wars of the seventeenth-century in the British Isles?
  • Do you know why Britain once dominated the slave trade but then brought it to an end?
  • Do you know what impact the French Revolution had on other European countries?
  • Do you know why there was a scramble for Africa in the late nineteenth-century?

This course would enable you to answer yes to all these questions. As well as providing an introduction to the discipline of history, the course will give you an overview of key events, the opportunity to study some in depth a broad understanding of change over time which will provide the context and background for other history courses you subsequently take.

A200 aims to interest you in the study of history. It will show you how knowledge of the past cannot be separated from debates about how we study the past. As you will see, history is constantly reshaped in response to research and debate.

The course has been recently revised: each block takes you through the detailed study of a key period in history and greater use is made of the interlinking module themes to encourage you to think about the nature of change over time. By the end of A200 your analytical and critical skills will be sharpened and you be able to engage actively with historical debate.

Exploring History 1400-1900 - cover