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Links to resources for Classical Studies

Visit our Taster Materials page for free Open University Classical Studies learning resources. For the latest news from the Department of Classical Studies see our blog.

Open University Classical Studies projects

Classics Confidential Regularly-updated vodcast series featuring short interviews conducted by Open University lecturers with experts working on a wide range of classical topics.

Practitioners’ Voices in Classical Reception Studies Open Access e-journal published by the Department of Classical Studies. Creative practitioners (including theatre professionals, artists and writers) discuss the relationship between their work and the classical texts, themes and contexts on which they draw.

Classical Reception Studies Network Support network for scholars working in the field of classical reception studies.

Pelagios Collaborative digital initiative which brings together a range of online projects dealing with the geography of the past.

Hestia Geospatial analysis of Herodotus’ Histories, using the Herodotean text as a way in to investigating the cultural geography of the ancient world.

The Votives Project Network of people who study, create or use votive offerings – gifts given to gods as petitions or in thanks for divine assistance.

New Voices in Classical Reception Studies Open Access e-journal which publishes articles by doctoral students and early career researchers working in the field of classical reception studies.

Sensory Studies in Antiquity Network of people who are interested in taking a sensory approach to classical studies.

Spatialising the Humanities (SPARC). Multidisciplinary network of collaborators across CHASE institutions.

Classical associations and societies

The organisations listed below promote the teaching and study of classical subjects in the UK. Subscribing members receive additional benefits (for example, newsletters or journals), but the organisations’ websites also provide freely-accessible information on news, events, grants and other relevant resources.

The Classical Association The largest classical organisation in Great Britain, with regional branches and events as well as an annual conference.

Joint Association of Classical Teachers (JACT) Support network for teachers of classical subjects in schools. JACT also runs summer schools for students in the ancient languages, from beginners’ to advanced levels.

Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies (the Hellenic Society) Promotes and supports the study of Greek language, history and culture from antiquity to the modern day.

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies (the Roman Society) Organisation for those interested in the study of all aspects Rome and the Roman Empire.

News and events relating to Classical Studies

Classics International Facebook group acting as an informal support network and news-sharing forum for those who are interested in the classical world.

The Classics Library Regularly-updated and useful resource publicising news and events; although aimed in the first instance at schoolteachers of classical subjects it also provides information of interest to students and researchers.


Peacock, Bardo mosaic photo