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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I cite a Connexions article?

A: In this format:

[Author name] ([Date of issue]). [Article title], Connexions, [Issue no.], pp. [page nos.]. Retrieved [Date of retrieval] from[Name of pdf file]

For example:

Roy, A. (2001). Connectionism is nothing but control theory, Connexions, 5, pp. 19-23. Retrieved 30 January 2005 from

Q: Who owns the copyright to Connexions articles?

A: The authors. Requests for permission to reprint a Connexions article should be sent directly to the article’s author or authors.

Q: Can I submit an article to Connexions?

A: Sorry, no. Connexions is not an active journal.

Q: Why is the journal called ‘Connexions’?

A: The journal was started by the members of a connectionist reading group at the University of Sheffield, and the name was chosen to reflect this. (Several articles in the early issues deal with connectionism.) The journal soon became detached from its roots but the name remained appropriate—serving to emphasize the interdisciplinary character of cognitive science and the editors’ belief in the importance of establishing connections between researchers in different areas of the field.

Q: Why did you use the old-fashioned spelling ‘Connexions’?

A: It was an aesthetic preference.