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History at The Open University

Studying history requires exploring contested pasts and analyzing events. History matters: understanding our shared past is essential for making sense of the world around us, and for planning its future.

Our wide-ranging undergraduate curriculum introduces thousands of students each year, to a variety of different topics and approaches, including social, political and military history, the history of medicine and of empire. Our modules focus on British and European history from medieval to modern times, but also reach out to the wider world. They regularly achieve up to 90% student satisfaction. Find out more about our courses.

At postgraduate level we offer an MA in Local and Regional History, structured around the four nations of the United Kingdom. This innovative course teaches methods and advanced research skills which prepare students for further postgraduate research. Our doctoral students research a diverse range of topics  under the supervision of members of the department.

Our students benefit from a wealth of archives, libraries, primary and secondary sources at their fingertips via the Open University’s world-class library. Electronic journals and books and access to countless databases mean it is now possible to study and research wherever you are based.

Studying history requires our students to assess evidence and to think critically: these skills can be applied in many fields and are highly valued by employers. As historians at the Open University we are committed to delivering excellent teaching that is informed by high quality research. We want to share our passion for history and inspire students to learn about the past.

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