Interactive Latin


Welcome to the Open University's Interactive Latin website. If you are learning Latin word endings, this site is for you!

You can quiz yourself on noun, verb and adjective endings. The words you will meet are key vocabulary items which feature in most beginner's courses, including the Open University course Reading Classical Latin (A297).

Getting started

Choose a part of speech (nouns, verbs or adjectives) using the buttons on the left of the screen. Then choose whether to quiz yourself on recognising word endings or forming them.

By default the quizzes test a very limited range of words, cases and tenses suitable for complete beginners. But you can set your own preferences to suit your own level of ability. Just select the 'preferences' option, after choosing the desired part of speech, and follow the instructions. For more information on this and other features of the site, select the help option.

You will need

You will need the Flash player, which is already installed on most computers. You can download it by selecting the Flash player icon.

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