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Philosophy Research

Mind, Meaning and Rationality

Mind, Meaning and Rationality Research Group

Director: Dr Carolyn Price
Co-director: Dr Keith Frankish

In June 2004 the Department of Philosophy established a research group on Mind, Meaning and Rationality. The central aim of the Group is to promote research in the philosophy of mind and epistemology, together with specific topics in other areas that relate closely to the themes of mind, meaning and rationality. These issues were chosen because they are important, not only to philosophers, but also to people working in other disciplines, such as Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Economics, and Artificial Intelligence, and the group is dedicated to promoting cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration. It sponsors major interdisciplinary projects, working groups, and one-off conferences and seminars.

Ernst Mach: Inner perspective
Ernst Mach: Inner perspective
Image source wikimedia commons