Bibliography of British Police History

This database was created by the late Stanley Nash, of Rutgers University Library. The Open University is grateful to Rutgers for passing a copy of this database on to us, and allowing us to update and maintain it.

It allows searches by author and title, as well as by publication date, by broad historical period, by item type, and any combination thereof. Many of the items also have a brief summary attached to them.

This is a pure bibliography, rather than a list of holdings in any one placeľ many of the items catalogued here are not in the Open University's library.

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We intend to keep this database as comprehensive as we can with regard to ongoing academic work on the history of the police in the United Kingdom. It also includes a selection of key primary works, although this is far less comprehensive. We aim also to cover all relevant PhD theses, although it is unlikely that we will be able to keep track of many of the MA dissertations being produced in the field. The inclusion of any item on this database does not constitute an endorsement of its content, but does indicate that we feel it is in some way relevant to the academic study of this topic.

If you know of any books, articles, or dissertations that you feel ought to be on this database, please send us their full bibliographic details, including:



Publisher, year of publication, place of publication


journal title, journal volume and issue number, journal date, pages,

period covered

Send these in to We will evaluate all submissions, and update the database at regular intervals.


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