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Chasing Perfection

Programme run: 2 x 60 mins
Production: The Moment / Channel 4
First Transmitted: 2015
HD available
Chasing Perfection is a series of 2 documentaries authored by one of the World’s most successful athletes, Michael Johnson. Sports science has changed immeasurably in the last 20 years, and what the series seeks to explore is how that change has impacted on the world of professional sport, and what role it plays in creating exceptional athletes, does it define the difference between great and World beating athletes and is it the answer to achieving perfection in sport?​
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From Birth to the Starting Line
Chasing Perfection is a new 2 part series where US sprint legend Michael Johnson explores the unique set of factors that takes a global population of 7 billion and produces a tiny band of athletes that become Champions. In this episode he follows the path from birth to the elite start line to see how performance is being affected by science and technology. We find out why the New Zealand All Blacks are so good, how the Brazilian Paralympics team are preparing for Rio 2016 and what the latest wearable technologies are being developed to make athletes faster and stronger.
From The Starting Line to the Podium
In this final episode of Chasing Perfection, US sprint legend Michael Johnson finds out what makes the difference between those who line up for a final and those who win again and again – The serial champions. He’ll discover the role of the mind in the success achieved by some of the UK’s most celebrated athletes, including Sir Chris Hoy, snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan and Britain’s most successful female Paralympian, Dame Sarah Storey. He’ll visit companies trying to squeeze out tiny gains that could be the difference between success and second best, and ask leading performance experts how fast and far can humans go?