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The key dissemination mechanisms used by the project were the project blog, and the three events sponsored by the project (Innovations in Reference Management 1 & 2 and the Reading List Hackday).
More details of the dissemination are given in the TELSTAR Project Final Report (this is available at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/institutionalinnovation/telstar.aspx).
However, throughout the project there were a range of dissemination opportunities to a variety of audiences – these are listed below.

Dissemination activity Date Description/Links
Project Blog Throughout Project http://www.open.ac.uk/blogs/telstar/
Project website Throughout Project http://www.open.ac.uk/telstar (content now migrated to the blog)
Twitter archive (#telstar) Throughout Project http://twapperkeeper.com/hashtag/telstar
Email lists Throughout Project Including the READING-LIST-SOLUTIONS and Code4Lib email lists.
Institutional Innovation Programme meeting October 2008 Event
OU Library Staff Development Session March 2009 PowerPoint
Poster at JISC SSBR Event, Manchester April 2009 Event
Poster (pdf)
Open University e-learning Community event April 2009 As part of a presentation on how to write a successful bid, TELSTAR was mentioned.
WHELF visit to the Open University May 2009 WHELF is the Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum. Richard Nurse presented on TELSTAR to visitors from WHELF
Open University Library Seminar (for external and internal audience) June 2009 The aim of these seminars is to encourage the sharing of knowledge on a range of topics: elearning, learner support, open access, interoperability, digital libraries, metadata, information literacy, new technologies etc. Open University staff and members of the Milton Keynes Learning City Libraries Network are welcome to attend.
Mashed Libraries UK – Mash Oop North July 2009 A lightning talk was given on the TELSTAR project
EPUG-UKI SFX/MetaLib Day school October 2009 Event
Paper at ALT-C 2009 September 2009 Event
Presentation (Youtube)
Presentation to CoFHE LASEC November 2009 Event
Blog post
Presentation to staff development session at Royal Holloway, University of London November 2009 PowerPoint
Lightning Talk at FAM09 (Federated Access Management 2009) November 2009 Event
Presentation to Open University Health and Social Care faculty December 2009 PowerPoint
IET Coffee Morning Presentation December 2009 The IET Coffee mornings are opportunities to share information with colleagues at the Open University, specifically those with an interest in Learning Technology
Presentation (slides+video)
Presentation to Open University Earth Sciences MSc Awards meeting January 2010 PowerPoint
Institutional Innovation Programme meeting January 2010 Event
ReMIT flyer
MyReferences flyer
MyReadings flyer (pdf)
Innovations in Reference Management 1 January 2010 Event
Event blog (includes blog entries for Innovations in Reference Management 2)
TELSTAR PowerPoint
Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference 2010 March 2010 TELSTAR mentioned in presentation by Claus Wolf from RefWorks-COS
Presentation at MoodleMoot UK 2010 April 2010 Event
Slides (Slideshare, delivered by Jason Platts)
Presentation to representatives from the Open University Student Association April 2010 PowerPoint
Joint Press Release from the JISC, the Open University and RefWorks-COS May 2010 Press Release
Innovations in Reference Management 2 June 2010 Event
Event blog (includes blog entries for Innovations in Reference Management 1)
TELSTAR PowerPoint (delivered by Anna Hvass)
Reading List Hackday July 2010 A joint event with the DevCSI and List8D projects
Interview with TELSTAR project manager (Owen Stephens)
JISC Gaining business intelligence from user activity data event July 2010 Richard Nurse presented on work at the Open University, including TELSTAR

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