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1. Introduction

This toolkit is intended to help institutions consider or implement an integration of Reference Management software into their learning environment. The toolkit is a deliverable of the TELSTAR (Technology Enhanced Learning supporting STudents achieve Academic Rigour) project led by the Open University with collaboration from RefWorks-COS. The project was funded by the JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee).

The toolkit is divided into two parts:

The main toolkit (Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5), which describes what reference management is, why you might want to integrate it into an institutional learning environment, and what issues you should consider if you are carrying out such an integration.

The second part of the toolkit (Section 6) is a description of the integration carried out at the Open University by the TELSTAR project.


  • Mar 4th 201012:03
    by Hannah Young

    Hi, I am finding all the telstar materials very helpful. I have just one comment on the toolkit so far – would it be possible to have a next button to keep reading through the manual, rather than having to return to the table of contents each time, or perhaps a PDF download version of the complete document? Thanks.

  • Mar 4th 201012:03
    by ostephens

    Thanks Hannah – I’m looking at getting ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons added – should be possible without too much difficulty.

    We had talked about a PDF version as well – it wouldn’t be difficult to provide – do you think this would be a more useful format than the web pages, or just good to have alongside them?

  • Mar 4th 201014:03
    by ostephens

    As a quick fix to the navigation issue, I’ve added a list of all the pages in the toolkit on the right hand side of the screen.

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