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6. The Open University Approach


  • Mar 9th 201015:03
    by Jenny Mackness

    Are you able to position the OU approach against/beside other University approaches, so that readers can evaluate how much of this information in Section 6 is going to be relevant to their own institutions?

  • May 19th 201010:05
    by Fred Davies

    I am a bit confused about eh use of ROUTES and My Open Library as I thought these had been dropped

  • May 19th 201011:05
    by Owen Stephens

    Hi Fred,

    Both ROUTES and MyOpenLibrary are both used on courses that are currently running at the Open University. One of the tasks of the TELSTAR project was to look at how MyOpenLibrary might be replaced – and I believe that the key functionality of MyOpenLibrary can be replicated by the TELSTAR developments. The situation with ROUTES is slightly more complex but as you will note from the comments in 6.10 (http://www.open.ac.uk/blogs/telstar/remit-toc/remit-the-open-university-approach/potential-impact-on-existing-library-systems/) you can see that TELSTAR could also have an impact on the future of ROUTES.

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