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6.9.3 Future of Authentication and Authorization for library resources

In the UK HE sector there is a clear move towards using ‘Federated Access Management’ for authentication and authorization to library resources. Many institutions have now implemented ‘Shibboleth’ to enable the use of Federated Access Management. The Open University library plans to move to this approach in the future.

Achieving a similar experience to the current ‘seamless’ authentication process described in Section 6.9.1 when using Federated Access Management requires the use of IdP-initiated SSO (described in Section 5.3.2), also known as ‘WAYFless URLs’.

Ex Libris, the suppliers of the SFX Link Resolver software, are currently working on integrating IdP-initiated SSO into the SFX software.

It is recommended that the Open University engage with Ex Libris and the SFX user community to ensure that future developments in this area meet the needs of the Open University.

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