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The Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership is pleased to work with local and national partners to increase access to knowledge and understanding of leadership in the voluntary sector context and to provide access to the latest voluntary sector research.

NCVO Champion Voluntary Action LogoNCVO Research is a part of NCVO, the largest voluntary sector membership body in England with nearly 12,000 members and a track record of almost 100 years of providing high quality support services for the sector. NCVO Research has been researching the VCSE sector for 20 years and is the largest research team dedicated to the study of England’s VCSE sector, with specialists in policy research programme evaluation; VCSE data [our Almanac programme]; and voluntary and social action [our Institute for Volunteering Research].


NAVCA logoNavca are the national voice of local social action, and the national membership charity for local voluntary sector infrastructure - the people who help others set up and run charities and community groups. They represent England's largest network of local charities and community groups, and are working with CVSL to deepen relationships with that part of the voluntary sector and to collaborate on research.


Euclid Network is the European Network for Civil Society Organisations and Social Enterprises working towards empowering them to drive positive change.  Euclid Network is composed of a core 20 Member Organisations working with in 11 European countries and 3500 network supporters.

Together with members and partners, our mission is to: Create connections between civil society and social enterprise leaders; share and produce leadership, professional and entrepreneurial knowhow; Influence European policy & funding and strengthen members’ EU engagement; Raise the visibility and understanding of civil society and social enterprise in business, academia, government and the wider society.


The Pere Tarres Foundation is a non-profit educational and social action organization with over 50 years of experience dedicated to promote leisure time education, volunteering, improvement of social interventions and empowering Third Sector. We are based in Spain with 2.031 workers (annual average), 4.437 volunteers and over 437.770 beneficiaries (2015 data).


1) Higher education and training of professionals and volunteers in leisure time education and social action (Bachelor's degree on Social Education and Social Work). University Ramon Llull.

2) Studies and training in welfare assistance and healthcare for elderly, disabled people, children at poverty risk, drug addictions, migrants, women and other vulnerable groups.

3) Training programs in management, marketing, volunteers management and assessment for non-profit organizations.

4) Analysis of educational and training needs, impact indicators, new methodologies and approaches to tackle social exclusion, and studies on inclusion of vulnerable groups.

5) Other socio-educational programs on childhood, adolescence and families within school context (promotion of entrepreneurship and volunteering, struggle against gender discrimination, and so forth). We are also a federation of 182 leisure time education centers and 22 daily centers.


The Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) is an independent charity that works closely with people and organisations striving for social change. From the very small that directly support the most vulnerable in their local communities, to those that work nationally – across the voluntary, public and funding sectors. IVAR uses research to develop practical responses to the challenges faced and create opportunities for people to learn from our findings.

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Since 1997 DIESIS has supported the development of the social economy in Europe through the implementation of knowledge-based activities, such as training, project design, consultancy and advisory services, technical assistance and research.

DIESIS is the probably the widest EU network specialised in supporting Social Economy and Social Enterprises development. We cover 10+ EU countries with major national federations and national support networks. 

DIESIS is part of GECES, the European Commission's expert group on social entrepreneurship that assists the EC in the implementation of the Social Business Initiative. 

DIESIS works in partnership with European thematic networks and platforms such us ETUCREVESSocial Economy EuropeEMES. It is  also part of the CECOP. DIESIS express also the Thematic Expert of the ESF Social Economy Network, that assists MSs on the transnationality aspects of ESF.

Furthermore DIESIS has been selected to take part in the European Migration Forum, organised by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee, a platform for dialogue between civil society and the European institutions on issues relating to migration, asylum and the integration of third-country nationals.

DIESIS is a founding member of the ProEFP Network, a network of organisations representing different typologies of interest: business, labour, social economy, academics and research, consultancy and advocacy. They all share a common idea: economic democracy can make the European free market a more democratic space.

DIESIS is co-founder of the European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (EARTH), the first European Network created by experts of responsible tourism.


Vienna University of Economics & Business provides applied research, capacity-building programmes and consultancy to its 300 Austrian members as well as to other stakeholders, students and the public. WU is a practice and knowledge partner in eu3Leader and will provide expertise in research and designing the training.


The Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University is a leading multi-disciplinary research centre in the field of the voluntary sector, public services, housing, regeneration, and urban and regional policy.  Its work seeks to understand the impact of social and economic disadvantage on places and people, and assess critically the policies and interventions targeted at these issues.


Association for Civil Society Development SMART is a small (8 employees) Croatian grass root civil society organisation. Since 1999, it has encouraged efficiency and efficacy of the non-profit sector and inter-sectoral cooperation, and promoted volunteering within the civil society, public sector and society in general. SMART serves as a resource and capacity building centre that combines adult education with advising, sharing information, facilitating partnerships, collaboration and participation in public policy creation. The Association cooperates with civil society organizations, public institutions, local and regional government, and civil initiatives based on the principles of responsibility, active involvement and respect for differences. SMART uses approach to civil society development that gathers different practitioners and experts in facilitating the processes of social and organizational transformation. The Association is a member of CEV European Volunteer Centre, Euclid Network European Network for Civil Society Organisations and Social Enterprises, ECF European civic forum.


Working with Europe is a non-profit association established by a group of professionals from different countries. Our mission is to help partner organisations create innovative ideas, develop very qualified and competitive applications and to help manage the project if granted and support the quality of the work processes and outcomes.

 We primarily work in such programs as Erasmus+, Horizon and EaSI

WwEU works in collaborative projects addressing very different forms of innovation, but the core capacity and expertise of the association and its professionals is to design and implement quality programs in projects

Alongside the collaborative European activities, the association delivers capacity building training to organisations that wish to be able to act independently on the European scene - creating applications, implementing projects and participating actively in European innovation.


Clinks is the national infrastructure organisation supporting voluntary sector organisations working in the criminal justice system (CJS). Our aim is to ensure the sector and those with whom it works are informed and engaged in order to transform the lives of offenders and their communities. We do this by providing specialist information and support, with a particular focus on smaller voluntary sector organisations, to inform them about changes in policy and commissioning, to help them build effective partnerships and provide innovative services that respond directly to the needs of their users. We are a membership organisation with over 500 members, including the voluntary sector’s largest providers as well as its smallest. Our wider national network reaches 4,000 voluntary sector contacts. Overall, through our weekly e-bulletin Light Lunch and our social media activity, we have a network of over 15,000 contacts. These include individuals and agencies with an interest in the CJS and the role of the voluntary sector in rehabilitation and resettlement.


The purpose of Charity Finance Group (CFG) is to develop a financially-confident, dynamic and trustworthy charity sector. Our 1,400 members are charity finance professionals, who between them manage £21bn of funds. We work with our members to: inspire and nurture leadership; drive up standards; create a better and fairer operating environment; identify best practice and share knowledge.  Ultimately, we strive to equip charities with the knowledge, skills and conditions they need to ensure that every pound works even harder, achieving a  greater impact for even more beneficiaries.


The Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) at the University of Birmingham is one of the UK’s foremost centres for research, evaluation, teaching and professional development for health and social care organisations.  HSMC has established a unique reputation as a ‘critical friend’ of the healthcare community and strives constantly to bridge the gap between research and practice.


Established in 2000, ACOSVO is a membership organisation for third sector leaders and senior staff in Scotland. We have a growing membership of over 450 leaders and this membership ranges from those who lead smaller, community-based organisations to those who head up some of the largest charities in Scotland.


ACOSVO exists to support, strengthen and inspire leaders. We do this by providing a wide range of topical events, development opportunities and relevant services.


Our vision is: Excellent third sector leadership in Scotland.  Our mission is to: Shape the future of Scotland's third sector by providing every leader with opportunities to develop, influence and excel