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Leadership course facilitation

Many online learners enjoy sharing their learning with a group of people within their own or similar organisations.  CVSL has created a Facilitator pack to help you work through our leadership courses with a small group of learners in your locality. We envisage this will be particularly useful for infrastructure organisations, training officers, and peer groups wanting to develop their own leadership practice.  To request the pack, please click here, and fill your details into the automated email request. We will then send you a copy of the pack.  We would like to know if the pack is useful to you, so that we can continue to adapt and grow our resources, so we will ask your consent to keep in touch.

If you would like to talk with us further about facilitating a group, please email, and we will respond to arrange a phone conversation.

Briefing Papers

The CVSL team has prepared a series of three briefing papers that explore the topic of leadership in the UK voluntary sector. The first of these reviews the academic literature concerning the debate about leadership within the sector, but it goes on to open this up wherever possible to explore the broader influence of debates on leadership which have influenced thinking about leadership in the sector.

Paper 2 focuses on the shape of the leadership development landscape in the UK voluntary sector and examines some of the major constraints facing the further enhancement of leadership development for leaders across the sector.

The third, and final paper in this series, returns to the broader leadership studies literature and examines in particular the relevance of contemporary debates that focus on critical collective leadership perspectives. In brief these include shared leadership, leadership as relational practice, and the concept of leaderful organisations. It then summarises the implications of these approaches for leadership development and for voluntary sector research.

Research Reports

The value of small: evidencing the distinctive contribution of small and medium sized charities (funded by Lloyds Bank Foundation) - HERE.

Tracking Transforming Rehabilitation Probation reforms (funded by Click - #TrackTR) - HERE.


Windows of Collaborative Opportunity: Considerations of Governance by Chris Cornforth, John Paul Hayes and Siv Vangen - HERE


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CVSL / VSSN Event: Leading through challenging times - videos now available

Seminar: A relational account of third sector leadership - fields, frames and movement, Dr Rob Macmillan - video now available


What on earth is leadership anyway? - recording now available

Challenges and opportunities in the third sector across Europe - recording new available