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A week of missed economic data – what does it mean for households? - 23rd February 2018

This past week has seen a mixed bag of economic data published. A rise in earnings inflation and a sharp improvement in productivity - both suggestive of an improving economy – have been counterbalanced by the first rise in unemployment for two years and a downward revision of economic growth. So what’s going on - is the economy growing in strength or not and what does it mean to households.

Volatility in the global equity markets – is this a ‘correction’ or the start of a crash? - 11th February 2018

Back in October I wrote about the potential for ‘corrections’ (marked, but not severe, falls) in share prices in 2018, commenting that the US equity markets in particular had become over-priced. The past week has seen such a correction - of some 9 per cent to the FTSE-100 - materialise with global equity markets taking their cue from Wall Street.

Signs of a credit slowdown? Latest figures hint at an ease in the appetite to borrow. - 1st January 2018

Data on borrowing for November suggest that the trend line in demand for credit in the UK is downwards. Figures produced by UK Credit show that the total number of mortgages taken out was 5% lower than in November 2016 and the lowest monthly total since August 2016.

A detox plan for your finances in 2018 - 16th December 2017

This is my last blog for 2017. So I thought I’d finish the year by giving you my tips about how to detox your finances and give yourself a clear head for managing your money in 2018.

Price inflation at its highest for nearly 6 years – but set to ease in 2018 provided Brexit negotiations don’t put a spanner in the works! - 12th December 2017

The latest price inflation data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show price inflation for the year to November edging upwards to its highest level since March 2012. With an annual rate of 3.1% the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) grew at 0.1% more than in the year to October.

Growing poverty for children and pensioners highlighted by Joseph Rowntree Foundation study - 4th December 2017

The latest study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has found that the numbers in poverty in the UK have started to increase in recent years. Worryingly the study found that the number of children living in poverty has grown by 400,000 since 2013 whilst the numbers of pensioners in poverty had grown by 300,000 in the same period.

Don’t let your Christmas spending give you a New Year financial hangover - 29th November 2017

As we approach the festive season  the television adverts and newspaper inserts are encouraging us to embark on the usual Christmas fare of ‘shopping to we drop’ – or these days shopping until our index fingers get tired of tapping in details on internet sites . We once again also start to brace ourselves for the subsequent financial shock when the credit card bills land on our doormats and PC in-trays in the New Year.

The OBR’s growth forecast leaves the Chancellor planning for the future but giving little away now. - 22nd November 2017

The contents Philip Hammond’s Budget Statement were always going to be constrained by the economic uncertainties about Brexit. The extent of these constraints were made clear by the latest growth forecast for the UK economy prepared by the Office for Budgetary Responsibility (OBR). With growth for 2017 now forecast to be 1.5% (instead of 2%) and with growth set to fall to 1.4% and 1.3% in 2018 and 2019 respectively it was clear early in the Chancellor’s statement that there was little scope for financial largesse.

Podcast - How Risky is your Portfolio? - 20th November 2017

Smart investors know that risk and returns go hand in hand. But is the degree of risk you are exposed to appropriate for your time of life and investment goals? In his latest Money Talks podcast, Nigel Cassidy from Share Radio talks risk with Professor Janette Rutterford of The Open University Business School, Chair of True Potential PUFin, and David Miller, Executive Director and award-winning fund manager at Quilter Cheviot.

Budget predictions for Wednesday 22nd November - 17th November 2017

As the 2017 budget statement approaches we can all have a bit of fun making predictions about the contents of the red box. Here are mine.

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