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White Papers

True Potential PUFin's White Paper 'Does a rising tide lift all boats?' - June 2018

True Potential PUFin's White Paper 'Online personal finance learning' - June 2016

True Potential PUFin’s White Paper ‘Beyond Risk Profiling: achieving better investment outcomes for consumers and industry' - October 2015

True Potential PUFin’s White Paper ‘Towards a Common Understanding of Risk’ - February 2015

The True Potential PUFin Mission Statement ‘Money Worries: Tackling the UK's Personal Finance Problem’.

Green Papers

True Potential PUFin’s Green Paper ‘Saving us from ourselves: How can we make the UK more financially resilient?’ - July 2015

True Potential PUFin’s Green Paper ‘Towards a Common Understanding of Risk’ - September 2014


Webinar, December 2017, Help us teach young adults to manage their money in which Martin Upton and Will Brambley from PUFin gave a short overview of the course and answered questions from a local school student and from the audience. Access the recording here, please note you will need to complete the registration form to listen.

Annual Conference, November 2017, on Financial Education resources: Speaker presentations available on YouTube and view the PowerPoint presentation slides.

Members of PUFin attended a workshop on financial capability in London on 21 July 2017, organised by Centre member Jonquil Lowe. Research Associate Will Brambley made a presentation on PUFin’s contributions to the Money Advice Service (MAS) ‘What Works’ research project and Jonquil presented on the impact of FinTech on personal finance consumers.

Annual Conference, November 2016 on Investor Behaviour resources: Speaker presentations available on YouTube and view the PowerPoint presentation slides.

Roundtable event to mark the launch of 'Managing My Financial Journey' and to profile the Centre’s work to improve the UK’s understanding of personal finance. Watch the videos via YouTube. April 2016

Annual Conference, November 2015 on Consumers and the New Pension Landscape resources: Speaker presentations available on YouTube and view the PowerPoint presentation slides.

Annual Conference, November 2014 on Risk and the UK saver: recklessly conservative or shrewdly cautious? resources: Speaker presentations available on YouTube and view the PowerPoint presentation slides.

True Potential PUFin Working Papers

  1. Consumers and competition: Delivering more effective consumer power in retail financial markets. Read the working paper from Jonquil Lowe, on behalf of the Financial Services Consumer Panel. March 2017
  2. Longevity perceptions: an issue for pension guidance. Read the working paper from Jonquil Lowe. January 2017
  3. How Might We Create a Secondary Annuity Market that Works for Pensioners? Read the full report from Will Brambley and Jonquil Lowe. May 2016
  4. Access to Financial Services in the UK - this FCA Occasional Paper is co-authored by Jonquil Lowe and Professor Sharon Collard, with Martin Coppack and Simon Sarkar from the Financial Conduct Authority. It looks at access problems and financial exclusion through the lens of five major social and technological trends. May 2016
  5. Consumer behaviour and attitudes when shopping around for multiple financial and household services - this Working Paper by Jonquil Lowe presents the findings from a survey of over 1,000 consumers to examine their behaviour and attitudes when shopping around for multiple ‘household infrastructure’ services. November 2015
  6. The payment protection insurance compensation lottery - Working paper from Jonquil Lowe, Lecturer in Personal Finance at The Open University. July 2015
  7. Performativity and Financial Markets: Option Pricing in the Late 19th Century - Dimitris Sotiropoulos and Janette Rutterford explore how investors valued and traded options in the late 19th century, well before the standard option pricing model, called Black Scholes, was devised. July 2014
  8. Whither UK Annuities? - Jonquil Lowe examines why lifetime annuities should be part of good financial advice in the post-pension-liberalisation world. Published by the International Longevity Centre UK. July 2014

Research from True Potential LLP

‘Tackling the Savings Gap’ is an ongoing and long-term project to change the way the UK approaches saving and investment. Results from True Potential LLP show there must be a fundamental shift in attitudes to saving if Britons are to live comfortably in retirement.

Public Policy Papers and Media

Read True Potential PUFin's briefing on the Financial Exclusion Report. December 2017

Read the letter to The Secretary of State, signed by True Potential PUFin academic Jonquil Lowe, on the upcoming Data Protection Bill. November 2017

Read True Potential PUFin's briefing on the upcoming Data Protection Bill. November 2017

Women investors in the nineteenth century. Professor Janette Rutterford features on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme talking about a guide for women investors published in 1863. December 2016

Call for Evidence for the House of Lords Select Committee on Financial Inclusion - read True Potential PUFin's response. September 2016

Read True Potential PUFin's response to HM Treasury's consultation on its proposals for Public Financial Guidance. June 2016

Read True Potential PUFin's response to the Financial Advice Market Review Call for Input. December 2015

Read True Potential PUFin's response to HM Treasury's Public Financial Guidance consultation. December 2015

Emotional Finance - Professor Mark Fenton-O'Creevy features on Share Radio, talking about emotional finance and the role that emotion plays when it comes to investing. April 2015

True Potential PUFin's response to the British Bankers Association Consultation on The Future of Savings. August 2014

More features and articles relating to Money and Business are available through OpenLearn, the free learning platform from The Open University.

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