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True Potential LLP

The True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding of Finance is generously supported by True Potential LLP.

Formed in 2007, True Potential LLP is one of the fastest growing and most innovative financial services organisations in the UK today.

Through its group of companies – True Potential Wealth Management LLP, True Potential Investments LLP and True Potential Adviser Services LLP – they work with close to 20% of UK Financial Advisers and their clients.

They also offer an online investment service that empowers UK consumers to take control of their finances – True Potential Investor. Along with being able to set real goals for your money and giving you the ability to invest in some of the world’s leading funds and track their progress 24/7, True Potential Investor offers the firm’s unique impulseSave® feature. This allows savers to top-up their investment accounts with as little as £1, or as much as needed to close the ‘gap to goal’.

By harnessing technology, True Potential provides simple, effective and unique solutions that are built for the future and have the power to change the way people save.

For more information about True Potential and the services they can offer, visit and You can also read their Investment Philosophy brochure.

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