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About us

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Our mission is to transform lives through health and social care education and research. Whether you’re looking for a first qualification to get you into a caring career, you’re already on your chosen path and would like to go further, or you’re an employer looking for a different way to train and motivate your staff – we can help you make that transformation. We offer:

  • world-class learning resources developed by leading academics and practitioners which take into account the views of service users and carers – underpinned by excellent research and scholarship
  • openness and accessibility – putting qualifications within reach of people who never thought they could study at this level
  • flexible study arrangements designed to fit with work and family commitments, with no need to take time away from the workplace
  • national reach with local support – over 18,000 students study with us every year, we train more social workers than anyone else and our professional qualifications make a career in nursing accessible to healthcare support staff who might not otherwise be able to study full time. Our students live anywhere from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to busy inner cities, supported by a network of regional administrative centres and first class tutors based locally.