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Activity 4 - Leaving an institution


To use evidence from the film to understand how people cope with leaving an institution.

Curriculum area(s)

  • Year 5 upwards
    • English
    • History
    • PHSE

Suitable for adults with learning disabilities?


Learning outcome(s)

Students have an insight into how life in an institution impacts on an individual.

Time required

40 minutes



  1. Watch No Longer Shut Up: ‘Mabel moving out of hospital: having to learn new things' (10 min 20 – 12 min).
  2. Read to the group the extracts from Mabel’s life story in the Resources above.
  3. The students’ task is to write a letter to an old friend who still lives in the institution about new life outside. The joys and the challenges.

Ideas for follow up

Exchange letters with another student and write a reply from the perspective of the old friend in the institution.

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