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Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts comprises academic areas in art history, classical studies, English literature and creative writing, history, music, philosophy, religious studies, and interdisciplinary studies. The Faculty presents a range of undergraduate modules in each academic area.

Undergraduate students may choose to study for a general BA in Humanities, a BA in Humanities with one or two specialisms, or for undergraduate degrees in History, English Literature, English Language and Literature, or Philosophy and Psychological Studies. The Faculty also offers an undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education in Humanities and a Diploma of Higher Education in Humanities.

Postgraduate students are offered taught MAs in Art History, Classical Studies, English, History, Music and Philosophy. The Faculty regularly refreshes its curriculum with new modules for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

The Faculty is committed to developing the quality of teaching it provides through regional/national staff development and training for associate lecturers. Samples of each associate lecturer’s correspondence tuition are evaluated by module team members and fellow associate lecturers and constructive feedback provided. Module teams are encouraged to develop the expertise of their associate lecturers by involving them in the maintenance of modules in presentation.

The Faculty’s modules mostly use a blended tuition model, including face to face and online elements. Our curriculum is designed to develop students independent study skills through use of online library resources.