Historical OU TV and Radio

The Open University has produced a number of series to inform students and a wider audience about the University. Series such as 'Open Forum' and 'Countdown to the OU' covered various topics such as methods of teaching, information about modules and guidance on areas such as summer schools. The OUDA Historical Television and Radio collection includes a small sample of the archive. The collection will grow as more contents are added.

Image of Historical OU TV and Radio
Thumbnail Title Description Date
video preview image for The History of the Hour Record A look at how science has impacted the development of The World Hour Record (the record for the...
video preview image for TechnologyHave you ever wondered how technology has changed the bike and bike design from a simple steel...
video preview image for Political life and OU Chancellor installation Political life and OU Chancellor installationA look back at Betty Boothroyd's political career, her role as Speaker of the House of Commons and...
video preview image for Open Forum 78(1982) : solving dotty problemsAn Open Lecture by Robin Wilson about the usefulness of graph theory.
video record Technology shorts 02 : gadgets galore
video record The Alvey lectures : verifying digital hardwareDr. Barrow gives a lecture on verifying hardware.