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Dr Anna De Liddo

Profile summary

  • Research Staff
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Knowledge Media Institute
  • anna.deliddo

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Centre for Research in Computing (CRC)CentreFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology
Hypermedia Discourse GroupGroupKnowledge Media Institute


A Visualisation Dashboard for Contested Collective Intelligence. Learning Analytics to Improve Sensemaking of Group Discussion (2019)
Ullmann, Thomas Daniel; De Liddo, Anna and Bachler, Michelle
RIED: Revista Iboeroamericana de Educación a Distancia (The Ibero-American Journal of Digital Education), 22(1) (pp. 41-80)
Collective intelligence for promoting changes in behaviour: a case study on energy conservation (2018-02)
Piccolo, Lara S. G.; De Liddo, Anna; Burel, Gregoire; Fernández, Miriam and Alani, Harith
AI & Society, 33(1) (pp. 15-25)
Collective intelligence for the common good: cultivating the seeds for an intentional collaborative enterprise (2018-02)
Schuler, Douglas; De Liddo, Anna; Smith, Justin and De Cindio, Fiorella
AI & Society, 33(1) (pp. 1-13)
Making Decision in Open Communities: Collective Actions in the Public Realm (2017-12-12)
De Liddo, Anna and Concilio, Grazia
Group Decision and Negotiation, 26(5) (pp. 847-856)
On Online Collaboration and Construction of Shared Knowledge: Assessing Mediation Capability in Computer Supported Argument Visualization Tools (2016-04-16)
Iandoli, Luca; Quinto, Ivana; De Liddo, Anna and Buckingham Shum, Simon
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 67(5) (pp. 1052-1067)
Socially-augmented argumentation tools:
rationale, design and evaluation of a debate dashboard (2014-03-31)
Iandoli, Luca; Quinto, Ivana; De Liddo, Anna and Buckingham Shum, Simon
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 72(3) (pp. 298-319)
Contested Collective Intelligence: rationale, technologies, and a human-machine annotation study (2012)
De Liddo, Anna; Sándor, Ágnes and Buckingham Shum, Simon
Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), 21(4-5) (pp. 417-448)
A debate dashboard to enhance online knowledge sharing (2012)
Iandoli, Luca; Quinto, Ivana; De Liddo, Anna and Buckingham Shum, Simon
VINE The Journal of information and Knowledge Management Systems, 42(1) (pp. 67-93)
Using social network analysis to support collective decision-making process (2011)
Buckingham Shum, Simon; Cannavacciuolo, Lorella; De Liddo, Anna; Iandoli, Luca and Quinto, Ivana
International Journal of Decision Support System Technology (IJDSST), 3(2) (pp. 15-31)
Multi-agent environmental planning: A forum-based case study in Italy (2008)
Borri, Dino; Camarda, Domenico and De Liddo, Anna
Planning Practice and Research, 23(2) (pp. 211-228)
“Fairy rings” of participation: the invisible network influencing participation in online communities (2010-05)
Makriyanni, Elpida and De Liddo, Anna
In: Dirckinck-Holmfeld, L.; Hodgson, V.; Jones, C.; de Laat, M.; McConnell, D. and Ryberg, T. eds. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Networked Learning 2010 (pp. 285-292)
ISBN : 978-1-86220-225-2 | Publisher : Lancaster University | Published : Lancaster
Supporting communities of practices by advancing knowledge management between hybrid collaborative environments (2009-09-15)
De Liddo, Anna and Concilio, Grazia
In: Karacapilidis, Nikos ed. Web-Based Learning Solutions for Communities of Practice: Developing Virtual Environments for Social and Pedagogical Advancement (pp. 38-54)
ISBN : 978-1-60566-711-9 | Publisher : Information Science Reference / IGI Global | Published : Hershey, USA
Knowledge management in action: perspectives of memory support systems (2009)
Celino, Adele; Concilio, Grazia and De Liddo, Anna
In: Rabino, G. and Caglioni, M. eds. Planning, Complexity and New ICT (pp. 195-204)
ISBN : 978-88-6055-415-4 | Publisher : Alinea Editrice | Published : Città di Castello, PG, Italy
Managing knowledge in urban planning: can memory support systems help? (2008-07)
Celino, Adele; Concilio, Grazia and De Liddo, Anna
In: Ackerman, Mark; Dieng-Kuntz, Rose; Simone, Carla and Wulf, Volker eds. Knowledge Management In Action. IFIP International Federation for Information Processing (pp. 51-65)
ISBN : 9780387096582 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Boston
Collective Consciousness: What could this mean and how do we research and design (with) it? (2019)
Grunewald, Philipp; Roberts, Shadrock; Hedges, Mark; Buchana, Paul and De Liddo, Anna
In : 9th International Conference on Communities & Technologies - Transforming Communities (3-7 Jun 2019, Vienna, Austria)
Democratic Replay: Enhancing TV Election Debates with Interactive Visualisations (2018-09-09)
Plüss, Brian and De Liddo, Anna
In : Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (8-11 Jan 2018, Waikoloa Village, Hawaii)
A Novel Method to Gauge Audience Engagement with Televised Election Debates through Instant, Nuanced Feedback Elicitation (2017-06-26)
De Liddo, Anna; Plüss, Brian and Wilson, Paul
In : Communities and Technologies (C&T) 2017 (26-30 Jun 2017, Troyes, France)
Correlations between automated rhetorical analysis and tutors’ grades on student essays (2015-03-16)
Simsek, Duygu; Sandor, Agnes; Buckingham Shum, Simon; Ferguson, Rebecca; De Liddo, Anna and Whitelock, Denise
In : 5th International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference (LAK15): Scaling Up: Big Data to Big Impact (16-20 Mar 2015, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA) (pp. 355-359)
Engaging Citizens with Televised Election Debates through Online Interactive Replays (2015)
Plüss, Brian and De Liddo, Anna
In : Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video (3-5 Jun 2015, Brussels, Belgium) (pp. 179-184)
Motivating online engagement and debates on energy consumption (2014-06-23)
Piccolo, Lara; Alani, Harith; De Liddo, Anna and Baranauskas, Cecilia
In : ACM 2014 Web Science Conference (23-26 Jun 2014, Bloomington, Indiana, USA) (pp. 109-118)
Visual analytics of academic writing (2014)
Simsek, Duygu; Buckingham Shum, Simon; De Liddo, Anna; Ferguson, Rebecca and Sándor, Ágnes
In : 4th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (24-28 Mar 2014, Indianapolis, Indiana) (pp. 265-266)
Energy consumption awareness in the workplace: technical artefacts and practices (2014)
Piccolo, Lara; Baranauskas, Cecília; Fernández, Miriam; Alani, Harith and De Liddo, Anna
In : XIII Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computer Systems (27-31 Oct 2014, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil)
Large-Scale Idea Management and Deliberation Systems Workshop (2013-06)
Convertino, Gregorio; Klein, Mark; De Liddo, Anna; Westerski, Adam; Diaz, Paloma; Hardas, Manas; Xiao, Lu; Bartolini, Claudio and Folk, Josh
In : Communities and Technologies (C&T) 2013 (29 Jun - 02 Jul 2013, Munich, Germany)
Visualizing the LAK/EDM literature using combined concept and rhetorical sentence extraction (2013-04)
Taibi, Davide; Sandor, Agnes; Simsek, Duygu; Buckingham Shum, Simon; De Liddo, Anna and Ferguson, Rebecca
In : Proceedings of the LAK Data Challenge, 3rd Int. Conf. on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK '13) (8-12 Apr 2013, Leuven, Belgium)
XIP Dashboard: visual analytics from automated rhetorical parsing of scientific metadiscourse (2013)
Simsek, Duygu; Buckingham Shum, Simon; Sandor, Agnes; De Liddo, Anna and Ferguson, Rebecca
In : 1st International Workshop on Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics (8 Apr 2013, Leuven, Belgium)
The Evidence Hub: harnessing the collective intelligence of communities to build evidence-based knowledge (2013)
De Liddo, Anna and Buckingham Shum, Simon
In : Large Scale Ideation and Deliberation Workshop (29 Jun - 02 Jul 2013, Munich, Germany)
Improving online deliberation with argument network visualization (2013)
De Liddo, Anna and Buckingham Shum, Simon
In : Digital Cities 8 (29 Jun - 02 Jul 2013, Munich, Germany)
The open education evidence hub: a collective intelligence tool for evidence based policy (2012)
De Liddo, Anna; Buckingham Shum, Simon; McAndrew, Patrick and Farrow, Robert
In : Cambridge 2012: Joint OER12 and OpenCourseWare Consortium Global 2012 Conference (16-18 Apr 2012, Cambridge, UK)
Discourse-centric learning analytics (2011)
De Liddo, A.; Buckingham Shum, S.; Quinto, I.; Bachler, M. and Cannavacciuolo, L.
In : LAK 2011: 1st International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (27 Feb - 01 Mar 2011, Banff, Alberta)
A method and tool to support the analysis and enhance the understanding of peer-­to-­peer learning experiences (2010-11-04)
De Liddo, Anna and Alevizou, Panagiota
In : OpenED2010: Seventh Annual Open Education Conference (2-4 Nov 2010, Barcelona, Spain)
Capturing and representing deliberation in participatory planning practices (2010-07)
De Liddo, Anna and Buckingham Shum, Simon
In : Fourth International Conference on Online Deliberation (OD2010) (30 Jun - 2 Jul 2010, Leeds, UK)
From open content to open thinking (2010-07)
De Liddo, Anna
In : World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications (Ed-Media 2010) (29 Jun, Toronto, Canada) (pp. 3178-3183)
Cohere: A prototype for contested collective intelligence (2010-02-06)
De Liddo, Anna and Buckingham Shum, Simon
In : ACM Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 2010) - Workshop: Collective Intelligence In Organizations - Toward a Research Agenda (6-10 Feb 2010, Savannah, Georgia, USA)
OERopoly: A game to generate collective intelligence around OER (2010)
Connolly, Teresa; Makriyanni, Elpida; De Liddo, Anna and Wilson, Tina
In : OpenED2010 (2-4 Nov 2010, Barcelona, Spain)
Collective intelligence for OER sustainability (2010)
Buckingham Shum, Simon and De Liddo, Anna
In : OpenED2010: Seventh Annual Open Education Conference (2-4 Nov 2010, Barcelona, Spain)
A debate dashboard to enhance on-line knowledge sharing (2010)
Quinto, Ivana; Buckingham Shum, Simon; De Liddo, Anna and Iandoli, Luca
In : IFKAD Conference - Intellectual Capital in a Complex Business Landscape (24-26 Jun 2010, Matera, Italy)
A collaborative-project memory tool for participatory planning (2008-07)
De Liddo, Anna
In : Fourth Joint Congress of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) and the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) 2008 (6-11 Jul 2008, Chicago)
Knowledge media tools for capturing deliberation in participatory spatial planning (2008-07)
De Liddo, Anna and Buckingham Shum, Simon
In : Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing: Conference on Online Deliberation 2008 (26-29 Jun 2008, Berkley, California)
Planning in knowledge intensive contexts: systems supporting memory tracing (2008-04)
Celino, Adele; Concilio, Grazia and De Liddo, Anna
In : The 3rd International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies: from Theory to Applications - ICTTA '08 (7-11 Apr 2008, Damascus, Syria)
Augmented Reality in Activism: Go March (2018)
Farrell-Frey, Tracie; Scavo, Beppe; Ardito, Alberto and De Liddo, Anna
The Open University
Project Testbed: Argument Mapping and Deliberation Analytics (2015-11)
Parent, Marc-Antoine; De Liddo, Anna; Ullmann, Thomas and Klein, Marc
Collective Intelligence Analytics Dashboard Usability Evaluation (2014-12)
Ullmann, Thomas; De Liddo, Anna and Bachler, Michelle